Benefits of watermelon during pregnancy

I picked watermelon to discuss today as it’s pretty popular and i love it it’s generally considered to be a safe choice when you’re pregnant and you’re mostly correct but a couple of things to watch out for and I’d like to share them with you.

What you eat when you’re pregnant is essential to have a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby we know that fruits and vegetables are great food choices.

Watermelon is over 90 water and contains between a b 6 c magnesium and potassium first here are some excellent benefits of watermelon and why you should eat it when you’re pregnant.

Watermelons are great for many reasons lots of fluid for hydration boosting your immune system and more but can it get too much when you’re pregnant how much watermelon is safe for you to have when you’re pregnant.

Benefits of watermelons during pregnancy:

Many women develop heartburn in pregnancy an effect of pregnancy hormones on your stomach and bowels watermelon soothes the lining of your food pipe and stomach and this can provide almost instant relief from heartburn those hormones also slow down your digestion and watermelon contains a little fiber that helps digestion and prevent constipation.

One are you struggling with morning sickness fresh watermelon cubes or watermelon juice will help settle your tummy or prevent you from having frequent bouts of vomiting in early pregnancy please seek medical attention if you have excessive pregnancy vomiting.

The next benefit addresses the risk of preeclampsia this severe condition can affect the health of both mom and baby it starts with very high blood pressure lycopene in watermelon can also help prevent high blood pressure and thus development of preeclampsia.

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It also helps with muscle cramps watermelon contains citrulline a type of protein which studies suggest can help with sore muscles we also think it might help to reduce the swelling of your hand and feet that you experience in pregnancy but please note if you have excessive swelling of your feet and your hands speak to your doctor.

If you’re pregnant we want you to keep well hydrated and one of the ways to get more water into your system is by eating fruits like watermelon remember we said it’s over 90 % water and given the versatility of this fruit you’re likely to get bored when you can eat it just on its own in a component as a salad or take it as a fruit juice.

Access to the nutrients from the watermelon you are eating helps your growing baby in particular your baby’s eyes bones brain and nervous system benefit from vitamin a b c potassium magnesium and other supplements found in watermelons

Side effects of eating watermelons

What is the problem it all sounds good one problem is excessive consumption of watermelon when you’re pregnant a 150 gram cup of raw watermelon contains about 9.5 grams of sugar or two cubes of sugar.

To put this in context an average can of Coca-Cola contains 39 grams of sugar which is equivalent to 9 sugar cubes watermelon is of course a better option compared to drinking Coca-Cola but the sugar can quickly build up if you take a lot of watermelon.

As a pregnant woman your total daily allowance for free sugar shouldn’t be more than 30 grams or seven sugar cubes you can easily top that with 500 grams of watermelon doing so regularly can increase your risk of developing diabetes in pregnancy which has health implications for you and baby.

Avoid watermelon that’s been left outside for some time please opt for freshly cut or squeezed watermelon when you’re pregnant to prevent an upset tummy watermelon is also known to detoxify the body helping to flush out toxins however if you take too much of it you may flush out essential nutrients along with the toxins which is not helpful for you or your baby.


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