Best Sleeping Position in Pregnancy

Which side is considered best sleeping position pregnancy? In which side sleeping will be good for the growth of the child? Can I sleep straight or stomach side during pregnancy or not? Today we will know about these questions.

Hello friends, I am a doctor, women are often advised to sleep on the left side, on the right side, it will be good for the baby, you cannot sleep straight, you cannot sleep stomach side. There are so many instructions that any pregnant woman may get confused after hearing so many things.

Best position to sleep:

So today we will learn about what is the best position in which pregnant women fell comfortable in sleeping and also her baby will have a good growth.

By the time mother is 12-13 weeks pregnant or even 14-16 weeks pregnant, the baby has just started developing at that time, you can sleep in whatever position you are comfortable in.

If you want to sleep on your left, right, back or even stomach side in whatever position you are getting good sleep, you are getting comfort, you can sleep without any tension. This cannot cause any harm to the baby, you just need to give yourself comfort.

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S.O.S sleep on side-

Now let’s talk about the second and third trimester (more than 4 moths pregnancy), when the size of the baby’s uterus becomes bigger. In such a situation, it is not recommended to sleep on your back because the vein which supplies blood, get blocked due to the size of the baby then the blood supply to the child also gets reduced.

At the same time, you will notice that as your pregnancy advances, the back bone of your spine increases and a gap appears behind your back. In such a situation, if you want to lie on your back, Even if you try, there will be a gap between your bed and your spine, which will make you uncomfortable during sleep.

After four month pregnancy we recommend S.O.S. Sleep On Side it is best for the pregnant women to sleep on side. Either the sides will be right or left the side on which you feel most comfortable on you ca sleep.


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