Best time to have sex to get pregnant

The question of when to have sex to get pregnant is individual for all women because women’s menstrual cycles do differ so it’s important to have a sense of your own menstrual cycle.

What’s fascinating is if you have regular menstrual cycles most women have 28 to 30 day cycles so it makes it easier to hone in on approximately day 14 to day 16 and because sperm can live in healthy reproductive tract for several days.

Getting pregnant prior to ovulation is always possible so exposure to sperm if somebody has a partner prior to ovulation can be very successful having said that we have some women who are using donor sperm or doing insemination so in those situations you want to try to hone in on ovulation as best as you can.

Women who are very tuned into their own bodies may see clear stretchy egg white secretions they actually look like clear egg white that clears secretion it’s fascinating that mother nature gives women a natural lubricant.

As we build up to ovulation to facilitate the transport of sperm from the cervix where they’re deposited to make their swim to the fallopian tube where you hope that fertilization will occur.

How many days after a period can a woman get pregnant

How many days after a period can a woman get pregnant is also dependent on how long her menstrual cycle is what’s fascinating is after ovulation there’s a corpus luteum that lives for about two weeks

The second half of a menstrual cycle is more or less fixed it doesn’t vary terribly much it’s around 14 days but the first half of the cycle is very variable some women ovulate early some women ovulate late compared to compared to their friends or peers so you want to understand that if you ovulate approximately day 14 you can get pregnant several days prior.

To that as I mentioned and if you ovulate later let’s say your your menstrual cycle is something like a 35-day cycle you might be fertile up until day 21 so you tend to take 14 days subtract it from the length of the cycle and then you can work backwards and figure out approximately when your most fertile and more likely to get pregnant.

Now that’s all old-fashioned we do have home ovulation kits and home ovulation kits are there’s many of them they can be wonderful AIDS they could also be confusing sometimes you need to speak to your fertility nurses or Physicians to get some advice about this but if you use a home ovulation kit and it tells you that you’re having an LH surge.

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The LH surge precedes ovulation these kits tend to work best when women have regular menstrual cycles we would not recommend an LH kit or a Home ovulation predictor kit if there were very long irregular Cycles because it would be frustrating and probably a waste of money quite honestly.

Ovulation kit, is it worth it:

If you have regular Cycles these ovulation predictor kits tend to be very helpful you can couple that with looking for Clear stretchy egg white Supreme that do precede ovulation and to understand if there’s a 28-day menstrual cycle you’re probably fertile somewhere between 11 and 14.

So if somebody wants to decide when to check for pregnancy it’s always a good good idea to have a sense of when you think you ovulated let’s say you saw a clear stretchy egg white secretions on cycle day 12 and then used a home ovulation kit that confirmed that you ovulated on day 14 we typically recommend waiting two weeks.

Don’t get frustrated so you don’t get unnecessarily depressed that the test is negative by testing too early there is great variation here some kids will pick up human chorionic gonadotropin the hormone a pregnancy a little bit earlier but we do recommend airing on the side of caution and we tend to check two weeks after ovulation.


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