Bleeding during early pregnancy

Bleeding in early pregnancy there are so many implications for bleeding in pregnancy because it depends on the age of the patient the duration of time that they have spent in conceiving and what has happened.

What is the difference between real bleeding and implantation bleeding see in implantation bleeding because when the baby just goes and attaches into the uterine wall the time there is small amount of spotting that is called as implantation bleeding and it happens and it stops off by itself.

The difference between normal bleeding and this implantation bleeding in implantation bleeding the bleeding is very very slight and it will be just a pinkish tinge or a very small drop of blood or something that’s all whereas in real bad bleeding the bleeding will be more profuse the blood will be more bright red and it goes on for more time and sometimes it may be associated with pain etc.

Why bleeding happens:

This is what we have to think about in bleeding in pregnancy and one more thing in early pregnancy bleeding is when the bleeding happens as an obstetrician we also bother because they have given us a precious pregnancy and so we have to see to it that the pregnancy does not go waste that is what i mean it should not become aborted.

We as obstructions try to protect the pregnancy as much as possible so we’ll see the patient we’ll see what type of bleeding it is and then we have to decide whether it needs any treatment or whether it can be just taken casually so when obstetrician says and she is bothered that it is a bothersome bleeding.

Nowadays the youngsters they are not conceiving as soon as they marry or they take a very long time when they decide to become pregnant so all the more it becomes more precious pregnancies for example a girl by age 26 28 years.

When she marries she never thinks about pregnancy even maybe five years eight years later and 10 years later and by the time they decide for conceiving they are so scared and they are so anxious that whether they will get a baby or not so they become more intense and uh bleeding in pregnancy becomes more anxious.

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Is bleeding in earl pregnancy normal?

So what i want to tell is in bleeding in early pregnancy when the normal embryo it will go and implant inside the uterus see it will come from the tube and will go and implant inside the uterus.

When it implants into the uterus that is small amount of bleeding which happens naturally that is called as implantation bleeding and this implantation bleeding is not a pathological one and it is a routine one and when i was practicing about 25 30 years back nobody bothered about that implantation bleeding.

I was also not at all bothered about patient coming for implantation bleeding but now it has become more important because it’s all precious pregnancies you all should know that implantation bleeding is a normal bleeding so there is nothing to worry.

Mother will take some other measures like physical measures like bed rest and medical methods like adding on some medicines to prevent the bleeding and to protect the pregnancy so that it will prevent abortion of the pregnancy.


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