Constipation relief during pregnancy

How to relieve constipation naturally during pregnancy now we’re going to go through the correct position to use first of all and I’m going to go through the technique to use to really get a complete empty of your.

Try to avoid straining through your pelvic floor while you’re pregnant now just briefly to get this technique working correctly you’ll need to have the right stool consistency so if you look at the Bristol stool 1 & 2 is constipated and it’s going to be really hard to empty.

If you’re constipated and you’ve got that really little ball or you’ve got a really firm hard stool you need to try to aim for a type three to four store which is really a stool that has a smooth consistency and it’s well formed.

Now you can do that in three ways one through diet and you can see the link above for the diet to correct diet to soften your stool to through exercise which is obviously a walking and swimming in those types of exercise during pregnancy.

Number three using this correct technique in position so correct position and I’m going to come around side on so that you can see really well at home with what I’m doing you might have to practice with me.

How to get relief from constipation:

So we’re going to sit and I’m going to lean forwards it’s really important that you lean forward and keep the inward curve in your lower back like that throughout the movement my feet are flat down and my legs are apart.

Baby can move forward in between your legs if you’re heavily pregnant in that position and your hands on your thighs supporting your trunk so it’s important to be able to relax your trunk muscles during this technique.

You can start with two or three deep breaths nice deep breath in to your baby into the belly and let out and sometimes just this action of doing some slow deep breath in an hour can help you start to relax your pelvic floor and start to help you with your movement.

Do a couple of relaxed breaths before you start now the first step in our technique is to make your waist wide so I try and imagine my ribcage moving wide out to the side if you say that it’s the snake sound you’ll notice that your waist muscles work.

This is where you’re pushing power comes from your waist not down through your bottom if you push down through your bottom and pull your what you’ll be doing is pushing your pelvic floor down and at the moment it’s very flexible and stretchable and it will can stretch too far.

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Yoga techniques for constipation:

That’s the way you can cause problems later on so push from your waist make your waist wide in that in that position now bold your tummy forward let your abdomen bulge forward and allow your baby to relax forward and what this does is really important it opens up your anal sphincter to allow the stool to move if you pull in and pull tightly.

Your anal sphincter will close up and you’ll be pushing your whole pelvic floor down so let’s go through that properly make your waist wide say so waist up to the side and now bulge the tummy Ford ooh sound and at the end of the movement then pull everything up through the back passage middle in front.

If you’re doing a kegel exercise and restore everything to its normal length so that’s the position and technique to use at home it’s going to take a little bit of practice sometimes you can get it first up sometimes it takes a number of times and it really requires a soft a soft stool.

It’s really worth practicing this technique for art you’ve had your baby – because that first time that you need to use your bowels after your baby can also be a challenge the other way to assist is by using some toilet paper wrapping it around your hand and you can hold your perineum up.

That means the area outside the vagina and in front of the anus you can support that area if it feels like it’s moving down particularly in the later stages of pregnancy so there you have it position and technique to empty your bowels naturally.


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