Effects of smoking while pregnant

I would like to talk to you about the effects of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke on you and your baby during
pregnancy remember you are breathing for two and your growing baby is very much affected by the chemicals, poisons and carcinogens in tobacco smoke.

Maybe you know other mom’s who smoked during pregnancy – or maybe you smoked during another pregnancy and everything was ok. But every pregnancy, every baby is different.

Studies have shown that the harmful effects of smoking on a baby are not always seen at birth, and problems may not be apparent for years to come.

Side effects of smoking during pregnancy:

The bottom line is if you smoke while you are pregnant, you are taking a big risk with your baby’s health. If you smoke during pregnancy, or, if you are exposed to secondhand smoke, your baby may be born too early or be born underweight.

Your baby may have smaller lungs. Babies who are born too early or underweight may get sick more often and can have other health problems. Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy also increases the risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. There is no safe level of smoking during pregnancy.

The good news is that quitting smoking will have immediate health benefits for you and your baby. Quitting at any time during pregnancy and avoiding second hand smoke, will help make your baby healthier and stronger, the earlier you quit the better. Quitting can be a challenge, but you can quit successfully by taking the time to plan and to get ready.

So what are the steps for successful quitting?

Pick a quit day! Maybe a week or 2 from now. During that time, get ready to quit! Make a Plan! Make a list of the times, places, emotion that make you want to smoke and decide what you can do instead of smoking.

Practice parts of your quit plan before your quit day. Practice not smoking in the car, practice not smoking for a morning, and if you are feeling stressed or upset, practice not smoking.

You may also want to try cutting back the number of cigarettes you smoke. Having a quit plan helps you succeed. Get Support! Talk to your doctor, your family, your friends, anyone who will be willing to help support you with your effort to not smoke. If they smoke, ask them to not smoke around you. Get Rewards! Rewards are a very important part of quitting.

Quitting can leave you feeling deprived or even a little sad. Ask family and friends to help. Perhaps they can “reward” you for your efforts by bringing over a meal, cleaning your house, taking a walk with you, giving you a back rub. Or just reward yourself with a new book, a manicure or a nap. Get Ready to Relax! Learn and practice relaxation techniques.

Start taking 10 minute breaks of quiet, smoke free time for yourself several times a day. During this time you can read, listen to your favorite music, take a walk, close your eyes, daydream or just go to a quiet room for some alone time.

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Get Ready to Deal with Cravings!

Use the five “D’s”. Most cravings only last a few minutes – so you need to Delay. Drink water. Take a few Deep breaths. Do something else – if possible walk away from the person, place or situation that is making you want to smoke.

Go for a walk, take a shower, have a healthy snack, play a game, read or listen to music. If you need to, call a family member or friend and discuss how you are feeling. So remember, when you have a craving; Delay, Deep breathe, Drink water, Do something Else and Discuss.

Get ready for Quit Day! Be sure to get rid of all cigarettes and related items. Stock up on healthy snacks. Plan something fun and different to do on your quit day.

Have a celebration! The first few days quit can be challenging. Stay focused. Stay determined. Stay busy. If you need help call a family member or friend or call your doctor.

There are many resources that offer free help and free quit coaches to help you succeed. Please remember, “Quitting NOW is the best thing you can do for your health and your baby’s health now and in the future. Thank you.


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