Effects of teenage pregnancy

Today we’re going to talk about adolescent pregnancy adolescent pregnancy a result of multiple factors beyond just the obvious lack of timely birth control the teenage birth rate in the united states across racial and ethnic groups declined continuously between 1991 and 2005.

Although it increased a little bit between 2005 and 2007 it decreased to really low levels historic low levels between 2007 and 2019 largely related to increased contraceptive use and increased use of highly effective methods of contraception.

Unfortunately racial disparities related to social determinants of health for example how access to health care is available continue to be an important issue as the birth rate in Hispanic teens and non-Hispanic black teens was approximately twice that of non-Hispanic white teens.

Why teenage pregnancy happens

The birth rate in American Indian and Alaska native teens was approximately two and a half times that in non-Hispanic white teens mental health disorders like major depression bipolar disorder or psychotic disorders appear to also be an important risk of pregnancy among teenagers approximately 19 percent of women age 15 to 19 who have sexual intercourse become pregnant.

Many pregnancies among teenagers are unintended about 50 percent of those who get pregnant did not use any method of contraception before the pregnancy 24 because the partner did not want them to use contraception which is a concern.

Some believe they could not get pregnant at the time which is also concerning and 13 % actually had trouble trying to get contraception and very interestingly 22 percent actually did not mind getting pregnant.

An important factor in adolescent pregnancy is the age gap with respect to the partner approximately one in five infants born to adolescents were fathered by men five or more years older than the mother interestingly.0

Some adolescents perceive positive consequences of pregnancy or childbearing and actually want to be pregnant in a national survey nearly one-fifth of the girls responded that they wanted to get pregnant and another one-fifth that they didn’t mind being pregnant

Adolescents may feel stigmatized by the pregnancy and this is associated with multiple factors including wide race ethnicity not being in a legal common law relationship or engaged to the baby’s father.

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Effect of teenage pregnancy:

Having feelings of isolation aspirations to complete college experiencing verbal abuse or being fearful of being hurt by other teenagers and experiencing family criticism very sadly suicidal ideations happen in 5 to 14 of women during pregnancy in adolescence and the postpartum period and teenagers are at a greater risk than older women to complete suicide.

Although in many cases adolescent pregnant women can endure and go through the pregnancy that are increased difficulties and complications that may arise for them some go on to carry their pregnancies while others will not approximately 25 of pregnancies in adolescence less than that is less than 20 years of age.

In the united states are terminated electively 15 result in miscarriages and actually 61 result in a birth the pregnancy termination rate among adolescents is lower than observed in 1990 when it was about 34 percent it represents approximately one-fifth of all abortions performed in the united states adolescents are at an increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes.

such as preeclampsia which is elevated blood pressure in the pregnancy preterm birth and fetal growth restriction which is an unusual slow growth of the baby and puts in and later on infant deaths postpartum depression is a very concerning issue as adolescent mothers are at risk reported rates of forced part of depression in adolescence.

How it leads to sever problems:

This is mostly increased during the first three months after delivery which is very concerning too adolescent parenthood is challenging and it does not refer only to the female teenager who bears the child family and social support are crucial to reducing the adverse social and financial outcomes associated with adolescent parenthood.

For the mothers they’re less likely to receive a high school diploma although seven out of ten Alvarez mothers complete high school they are less likely than women who delay childbearing to go on to college and have additional education.

Mothers are more likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance for long periods and they are also at risk for intimate partner violence on the side of the adolescent father they tend to finish fewer years of schooling than older fathers they’re more likely to earn less income and they’re less likely to have a job.

There are also consequences for the child as children born to adolescent parents are more likely to have health and cognitive disorders they’re more likely to have poor academic performance and repeat a grade or drop out of high school later on.


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