Hair loss after birth

You’re going to return back to your non-pregnant hair thickness, postpartum hair loss can happen gradually for many women however some women can notice it quite dramatically and for me that’s how it was really with both of my pregnancies so with this pregnancy,

I absolutely loved about being pregnant was that those pregnancy hormones made my hair nice and thick now whenever you give birth it’s normal to start to lose that hair because your body is returning back to those pre-pregnancy hormone levels.

Whenever i was four to six months postpartum that is when I started noticing that I was losing hair I all of a sudden started noticing these huge hair balls in the shower whenever I’d wash my hair also on my brush and just around the house especially whenever i would vacuum i would find it in the vacuum tray.

Why this problem happen:

Now with postpartum hair loss there is good news and bad news so first the good news is is that this tends to be temporary for most women and it will slow down over time now I’m six months postpartum and it definitely has slowed down for me now I’m still losing hair but nothing compared to what it was initially.

The bad news is that if you have an underlying health problem the hair loss can actually get worse for example after the birth of my first son i noticed that you know i was losing hair during the postpartum period but i was developing this bald spot around my temple area so i went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with alopecia and checked my lab levels.

During this time i was still taking my vitamins and everything like that and she said that my vitamin d level was critically low and those vitamins had vitamin d in it so she prescribed me to take some extra vitamin d and over the next couple months my hair loss started decreasing and my hair actually started growing back on my bald spot.

The second time around I have stayed on top of my vitamin d levels and I’m not having that problem I’m not having any bald spots on my temple so if you do start experiencing this i would definitely make an appointment with your doctor let them check your lab levels because you may have a vitamin deficiency.

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Treatment of hair loss after pregnancy:

With regards to supplements you know you just don’t want to throw on a bunch of supplements into your diet but you want to check with your doctor before you do it so my vitamin regimen is the following i take a postnatal multivitamin which is made for women who are postpartum and breastfeeding.

I also take an extra thing of vitamin d and i take fish oil and then like every other day I’ll take like a calcium chew and that has really helped me no bald spots as i pointed out earlier and everything seems to be going really great with that.

Some of you have asked about my hair care routine and i actually made a video about that in the past but i have changed it up a bit and one tip i really have is that you try to get a shampoo that doesn’t have sulfates in it because I read that sulfates can actually cause your hair to fall out even more and you don’t want that during the postpartum period.

I have switched to a shampoo that is sulfate free and it’s coconut based so it has like coconut oil and it does really make my hair shiny and i really love it.


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