How do I know when im ovulating

If you can time your intercourse and time trying to conceive around the time of ovulation you are going to improve your odds of getting pregnant on your own and really learn more about your cycle and how to optimize if you are having regular predictable monthly menstrual cycles then most likely you are ovulating.

The most common questions that my patients ask me is am I ovulating? I want to know why I’m not getting pregnant and could it be that not releasing eggs.

Checking your mensuration cycle:

After ovulation your ovaries make progesterone to kind of stabilize the uterine lining and if you are not pregnant your ovaries stop making progesterone or decrease the amount of progesterone and estrogen.

The way the menstrual cycle works is for the first about two weeks of the cycle the ovary is selecting an egg maturing the egg and in the middle of your cycle around day 14 it ovulates.

But the patients with regular predictable about monthly cycles they are most likely ovulating but still it’s nice to know when you’re ovulating because if you know around the time of ovulation it can help you time intercourse and maximize your chances of success.

That signals the release of the lining that you built up that’s how you get a period. So when my patients say i have no idea when or whether i have a regular cycle or i could bleed multiple times in a month or i could go for three to six months without a period most likely those patients are not ovulating.

The ways that you can figure out if if and when you’re ovulating there are physical signs there are tests that you can do at home and there are tests that you can do in the clinic so we’ll go over each of these there’s several physical signs of ovulating.

By checking cervical mucus:

Number one is a change in cervical mucus so cervical mucus changes in production amount and consistency throughout your cycle in response to estrogen so around the time of ovulation that is when your estrogen level is the highest and the cervical mucus will be the thinnest.

You’ll have more production of cervical mucus and people will describe it as the consistency of egg whites so kind of that thin sort of stretchy cervical mucus and a little bit more mucus or discharge.

Than in other times in the cycle when you’re not ovulating and you’re in kind of a progesterone dominant state the cervical mucus will be pretty thick and it won’t be as stretchy.

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Pain during your periods:

The second physical sign of ovulation can be something called middle Schmitz it sounds funny but it’s a German word and it means middle pain and it means pain or discomfort or an awareness in the middle of your menstrual cycle.

What’s happening is at the time of ovulation the egg actually gets released from the ovary and with that a little bit of the fluid like the follicular fluid that’s surrounding it also kind of comes out into the abdomen and pelvis and some people feel this and it not exactly sure.

If people are feeling like the ovary changing what they’re probably feeling is irritation from the follicular fluid that’s kind of lining the pelvis and abdomen and it’s just this typically one sided pain or discomfort or awareness in the middle of the cycle.

Checking peak of your estrogen level:

Third physical sign of ovulation is not really physical but it’s an increased interest in intimacy so as estrogen levels are getting high and peak we become more interested in trying to have a baby.

It’s all about peak estrogen and ovulation the thinning of the cervical mucus the middle Schmitz is the actual physical release of the egg from the ovary and then just this increased interest and intimacy not everyone is going to have all of these symptoms every single cycle.

Paying attention to your cycle and tracking things see if you’re seeing that in yourself what about tests that you can do at home there’s two main tests people use to figure out if they’re ovulating that does not require coming to a clinic the first is basal body temperature taking.


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