How early can i take a pregnancy test

Not knowing whether you’re pregnant or not can be really tough whether it’s between ovulation and waiting for your period to start.

If you want to know when you can test how early you can test and how accurate that test is going to be we call it that two-week wait because typically after ovulation about two weeks later you can expect a period if you’re not pregnant that’s why it’s called the two-week.

Patients often do test at home before they come in for the blood test especially after the embryo transfer but a lot of fertility clinics will advise their patients not to test at home just wait for the accurate results from the blood test from the clinic especially after an embryo transfer.

HCG test for pregnancy:

First of all what is a pregnancy test a pregnancy test is measuring a hormone in your body called HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin in simple terms if you less positive then you are pregnant maybe test negative for HCG you are not pregnant.

More accurate and medical and scientific terms human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone made by trophoblastic cells within an embryo and these trophoblasts cells will eventually become part of the placenta.

It is a hormone that’s actually coming from a developing pregnancy which is why when you test positive you are pregnant and negative means you are not pregnant

A positive HCG or a positive pregnancy test means that you’re pregnant but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a healthy pregnancy or that nine months later you are going to have a baby but it can tell you whether you’re pregnant or not.

So a pregnancy test for HCG can be done in one of two ways you can find this hormone in urine so you can do urine pregnancy tests and you can find this hormone in blood so you can do a blood test to test for HCG.

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Urine test for pregnancy:

Now urine pregnancy tests are considered qualitative tests because it’s just if that hormone is present in the urine then you are pregnant if it’s not you’re not pregnant this is something that you can do at home this is a home pregnancy test where you can pee on a stick and see if you’re pregnant.

A blood test for HCG is considered a quantitative test because it not only tells you that you’re pregnant if it’s positive but as the pregnancy develops and as there’s more and more of those cells making more and more HCG further along in the pregnancy you can actually quantitatively see that level increase so it can give you Clues on the development of the pregnancy.

If the pregnancy level the quantitative blood test Falls early in pregnancy you know that can actually be an early miscarriage or a biochemical miscarriage.

You get to the point where you can see something on ultrasound so when can you do a pregnancy test so the cells within the embryo start making HCG as early as six days after ovulating.


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