How to increase chances of getting pregnant

Infertility is a condition when the person is not able to produce the child. this condition is not so gross The person can overcome this by his own efforts, life style changes.

People give too much to this situation, and they are frustrated when they hear they have infertility. but this is the condition which can be changed definitely, you have to do certain things to overcome this weakness.

Here are a few things which you should do. Follow right diet Among all varieties of food you should consume certain foods. First is pumpkin seeds.

Following the right diet:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc which helps the sperm counts and mortality. Wheat germ oil this is rich in vitamin E and excellent anti oxidant. wheat germ oil reduces free radicals of our body so it enhances fertility.

Consume high fiber food one of the major causes of infertility in women is because of PCOS. High fiber food prevents the condition of PCOS. lets consume more fruits and vegetables, pears, apples and bananas are excellent source of fiber.

Avoid trans fats Trans fats increases the risk of infertility in women, this is due to the negative effect on insulin sensitivity insulin is very much similar to the ovarian hormones this hormones helps the eggs to mature.

Increase of insulin causes lesser and lesser secretion of the reproductive hormones this causes lack of egg maturation and ovulation. So avoid foods which has trans fats like burgers, pastries and packaged baked foods. Where the food is ready to eat, open the packet and eat, open the bottle and drink it.

All this packaged foods should be avoided, they may be tasty, but don’t eat. Another thing which will help you to overcome infertility is to follow yoga path.

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Practice yoga techniques.

There are asana which will keep your hormones in balance, and that would certainly help In general health and vitality. Here are few asana.

  • 1 Warrior pose
  • 2 Bhadrasana
  • 3 Malasana
  • 4 Hastapadaangusthana
  • 5 Setubandhasna
  • 6 and very good pranayama Anulom Vilom

All these asanas will not only help you to keep infertility away but also keep your body fit and fine. Handle ups and downs of life easily. 3 Meditation you should do meditation very regularly, it really helps.

Major cause of infertility is due to stress. Todays hectic life style, cant see each others face, you cant even stand and smile, you cant even sit near a flower to smell the flower, always in a hurry, you are always under tension, not learnt how to do work without tension, so such problems are going to cause infertility.

Very often we tell them to go for a long voyage forget about your work if you want a child but you need not do even that. Better learn how to manage your infertility, with all these points which we have told you.

Some meditation techniques:

Here are some meditation techniques you should do very regularly 1 Sukhasana 2 Nishpndbhava You have to practice this techniques regularly to master the art of remaining peaceful and quiet. Stay without any thoughts and be at still.

In Sukhasana you are sitting in any meditative pose with your eyes closed and mind is on your breath, just watching your breath and not allowing any thoughts to come even if they come don’t bother about it just be at peace.

In Nishapndbhava you are taking your mind away from the body, not with your body, away from the body. listen to some sounds from the atmosphere, if no sound then even the tik tok of the clock or some sound.

Understand put your efforts, believe that everything is for you everything is for change. Be happy, be cheerful all the time do your part well have faith everything will happen at the right time and right manner.


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