Natural remedies for headaches during pregnancy

See some patients will already have headache in their life means you might be knowing commonly what is called as migraine. Migraine headache it will happen for them routinely also in life and that may continue in pregnancy also. So it may become one of the causes or headache in pregnancy.

What are the causes of headache in pregnancy? Say headache in pregnancy is sometimes special and sometimes it may be part of normal life also. 

But what we have seen is migraine. That happens in normal people usually so many times it is relieved in pregnancy because there is some internal milieu change in the pregnant lady because there is some change in the hormone production.

Causes of pregnancy headache:

There is some change the vascularity of different parts of the body which all happens due to the hormones and that is the reason so many people will get rid of their routine headaches that used to be happening for them when they were not pregnant.

There are some people who will start getting headache after they become pregnant. Stress may be one of the common causes because once they become pregnant.

They become worried for all small things and that may be one of the reasons that they start getting headache and there are so many other causes and one more thing is when the person is being starved means suppose they have not eaten for long time.

Their blood glucose they will go down. So any normal human beings also when the blood glucose levels becomes very low that is also one cause for headache

You have to realize and immediately we have to take some nutrition so that the blood glucose is revived and that way you have to treat the headache in such patients and one more thing in pregnant lady one of the dangerous things that can happen is in later part of pregnancy what is called as hypertension of pregnancy.

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Problems with headache:

That is increasing the BP of these pregnant ladies. What is called as pre-eclampsia in these pre-eclampsia patients one of the dangerous symptoms is headache. See because these pre-eclampsia patients they are having a high BP and high BP is a very risky factor in the pregnant lady.

So when headache happens in such people they’ll be routinely going to the obstetrician for checkup and that time she will realize that slight increase in BP is there.

When we send them home we’ll tell them   that keep watching for these symptoms see that is one thing is headache. So when the BP becomes too high that is the time where they suddenly start getting headache because they’ll get spasm in the blood vessels of the cranium and that is the reason they start getting severe headache.

Natural remedies for headache:

What is the thing that you have to be so careful about these people is when there is severe headache in these patients who are having hypertension of pregnancy that is the time when they have to sense that they may go for complication called as eclampsia.

Eclampsia is nothing but fits happening is pregnant ladies that is a very dangerous thing because this fits can be so dangerous that it can be life-threatening also for the pregnant ladies.

This is a very dangerous cause of headache in these pregnant ladies. So if they have that cause as the cause for headache they have to get immediately the attention of the obstetrician.

We have to admit them. We have to take measures to reduce their BP immediately so that they’ll not land in problems like eclampsia which may lead to maternal death also. So these are the causes of headache in pregnancy which we have to know.


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