Nose bleeding during pregnancy

Have you ever experienced this problem of nose bleeding during pregnancy? Today we will talk about why nose bleeding occurs during pregnancy, is there anything to worry about? And how can we get back from this?

Blood in the nose during pregnancy is a common thing. Its reason is that due to hormonal changes, our blood vessels become a little weak. In such a situation, there is also dryness. If there is dryness in the nose which can be due to lack of water.

Prevention from nose bleeding during pregnancy

We can control it easily and at the same time we can also know whether this nasal bleeding was a symptom of simple hormonal change or there is any other reason behind it.

If you want to avoid then first of all whenever blood coming out from nose during pregnancy, do not panic. You sit straight, most of the people turn their head back or lie down. If you do this then it is a simple matter that the blood that is coming from your nose. Instead of coming out, it will go backwards, it will go into your respiratory tract, there will be choking, chances of it getting blocked.

If there is bleeding from the nose, then you have to sit down, put your head down and press gently at soft part of the nose. If blood coming from your right nostril then you will keep the right nostril slightly covered. If it is coming from the left then you will keep the left one covered. If you are bleeding from both the sides than you have to press both side for at least three to five minutes.

keep your head down and at the same time, you have to take the breath through the mouth and not through the nose.

By putting your head down the chances of blood that will go into your throat or windpipe later on will reduces and when you keep your head down, accumulated blood will automatically fall downwards i.e. outwards and not upwards,

If even after this it is not getting cured and you are not feeling good or feeling hot or nervous then you can use ice pack, As soon as we use ice, the blood vessels that appear shrink and the bleeding stops immediately.

Hydrate the nose using hydration drops which are easily available in the market. You can use them. If you put one or two drops in the nose then the dryness will go away. You have to be very careful like putting a finger in the nose or using any kind of bud to clean the nose because if you do the chances of bleeding will increase.

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The strong one is not to gargle and after this, if you have dryness then drink water well, especially in summer. Both of which contain hydrating fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, buttermilk, take coconut water properly, drink at least three liters of water in a day.

If you are noticing bleeding from any part of your body and it is not cured even after home remedies, then it is a symptom that there is some other problem in the body due to which this is happening, then in such a situation you should It is important to check up with a doctor.


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