Pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms

Pelvic inflammatory disease it is what the name says it’s an inflammation of pelvic organs in our cases the pelvic genital organs that are caused by infections it could be the sexually transmitted diseases or it can be any benign other infection.

It can be caused by having operation done on any of the genital organs insertion of intrauterine devices and after childbirth the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease can include pain localized obviously down below in a low abdominal area and in the vaginal area.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease

Pain on intercourse, pain on passenger urine, pain on opening bowels it can cause increase of discharge from vagina it can cause also severe effects such as systemic wellness temperature septic reactions.

Depending on the severity of the cases pelvic inflammatory disease is diagnosed based on a history that patients presents with most importantly there might be additional tests carried out swaps to identify.

If there is any trigger of this infection and they can be scan performed to identify if there is any damage to the tubes to the lining of the pump or to the ovaries or collections inside the abdomen.

Very rarely we need to do a surgical intervention such as keyhole surgery laparoscopy to identify the pass inside the abdomen test it and just treat it as well in the same goal pelvic inflammatory disease is known.

How it effect on fertility:

To have an effect on fertility because some triggers of pelvic inflammatory disease such as chlamydia or conorea they cause a reaction within the tubes and they can be responsible for so-called blockage of the tubes.

If the tubes are blocked then the passage of the ovum from the inside of the abdomen to inside the womb is not going to happen so this is the main way that it can affect the fertility.

Sometimes pelvic inflammatory disease causes adhesions inside the abdomen between uterus tubes ovaries and other organs again that can be the reason why the process of migration of the ovum towards the inside of the womb can be compromised and there might be need for arthesiolysis which is a division of those adhesions to facilitate the process pelvic inflammatory diseases.

They are diagnosed on time and treated properly in vast majority of cases do not leave long-term consequences but as i mentioned before conditions such as say chlamydia may go on undiagnosed at the time and it may cause scarring inside the tubes well before the problem of fertility will raise.

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The question of past history of chlamydia is very important in identifying problems in getting pregnant gonorrhea presents with strong clinical symptoms generalized and wellness but it also causes damage of the tubes inside that can affect the future fertility.

The internal inflammatory reactions caused by PID but as i said if those ones are treated and diagnosed on time they should not leave any further impact on fertility treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease will widely depend on the symptoms that the patient presents.

Medicines for pelvic inflammatory disease

But in most cases it does include treatment with antibiotics so there are PID protocols in most hospitals and trusts that we just follow it does include a two-week take of antibiotics the commonest ones will be doxacycline and metronidazole they are taken orally and in vast majority cases.

That should be enough the pain associated with inflammation can be treated with the basic painkillers such as ibuprofen which is anti-inflammatory as well or paracetamol.

I’ve mentioned sometimes women do require surgery to have it treated fully and if there are collections inside past containing collections inside then those ones will need to be drained surgically.


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