Period like bleeding during early pregnancy

I’ll explain why it happens and how it is actually okay for some women to experience it and also to know the difference between ovulation spotting and implantation spotting.

Medical experts put it down to a sharp rise a really sharp rise in your estrogen hormone so estrogen is rising very quickly in your body to enable ovulation and when it rises really sharply and really quickly it can make that egg get released pop and also disturb perhaps some of the room lining which is why you could be experiencing that spotting.

The symptoms and experiences that you have with your body so that you feel much more confident about yourself if you’ve experienced ovulation spotting for the first time this cycle I understand that it could be quite worrying for you but please know that around five to nine percent of women experience ovulation bleeding so you really are not alone.

What is this bleeding:

Now of course if you are concerned do go and ask your doctor it’s always important to get a medical opinion but how do you know if it’s ovulation spotting that you are experiencing is it ovulation spotting is it implantation bleeding

In one way you know that your hormones are working well so you could experience ovulation spotting as a red spotting but it might be more pink it really depends on how much egg white cervical mucus you’re producing around your fertile window so the more egg white cervical mucus you have the more bleeding and then it would be more pink than bright red.

The difference well ovulation spotting is going to be happening around the time when you’re ovulating now we don’t all ovulate at the same time during our cycles that’s why it’s good to know exactly when you are ovulating.

If you know your five natural signs of ovulation then you’re really a great way towards being able to pinpoint when exactly your ovulation date is you could also use helpful things like ovulation strips or even using a fertility kit as well as long as you know round about when your ovulation.

Now i do say this all the time just going by an app will only give you an estimate of when you are actually ovulating it’s really good that you go by the signs that your body gives you as well and if you are trying to conceive then do use ovulation strips or an ovulation kit as well.

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How to check if you are ovulating:

To really help you pinpoint those important 24 hours from when your egg gets released and that’s how you tell the difference between ovulation spotting and implantation spotting because implantation spotting would happen then after you have ovulated and it won’t happen until at least two to three days later because after ovulation.

Your egg needs time to travel down the fallopian tube into your womb space and attached to the lining which is when the implantation spotting happens it might not happen at all but it does happen for a lot of women because that’s when a bit of the old membrane around your womb lining could get budged and nudged as well and turn into spotting as well.

For you i hope that explains everything for you so that you understand a bit more what’s going on and you are more clear and feeling confident in yourself so do let me know how you’re getting on whereabouts in your cycle are you are you feeling implantation spotting or do you think it’s ovulation spotting are you really clear on that if not do get in touch and i will help you to understand things better.


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