What makes a pregnancy high risk

Today, we will talk about high-risk pregnancies. We call any pregnancy a high-risk pregnancy. When any co-morbidities are associated with it. Like, if the woman has diabetes or hypertension or hypothyroidism or there is some disease for which she is going through treatment continuously rheumatoid arthritis or any medicine for any medical disease.

If pregnancy is associated with any other co-morbidities then is called a high-risk pregnancy also, if the pregnancy is not a singleton that is, there are twins instead of one, there are triplets in that condition also, we called it is a high-risk pregnancy.

I think whenever there is any history of mishaps in the past like, as if there has been a miscarriage many times or is there any mid-term pregnancy loss? Like if abortion has happened in pregnancy around 5 or 6 months. In these cases, like previously she has a history of having a premature baby, the baby has been born early which can make a risk in the current pregnancy.

What makes a pregnancy high risk

We have to find out the reasons for those causes. We have to find out what was the reason behind the mishap what are the treatments that we can do now? And, we can save the current pregnancy.

There are some conditions because of which we call current pregnancy a high-risk pregnancy. And, for that high-risk pregnancy. We have to be more careful and more cautious.

What can you do from your end? Register your name in one such clinic. Where they only treat high-risk pregnancies. Because here the frequency of follow-ups is different.

Treatment is different and the investigations are also different. If you have diabetes or hypertension. In this condition, your blood sugar has to be monitored daily. Your blood pressure needs to be monitored daily and in cases, when you have twins. Or you have triplets. Obviously, there is a chance that the delivery may be pre-term.

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So, the frequency of your visit to the clinic is more for you. Normally, we call a pregnant woman initially we call them at an interval of 3 to 4 weeks once 3 months cross we call them maybe 4 weeks at an interval of 1 month. Once 5 months cross, we ask them to come again.

Till the time they are having any problem then they should visit, otherwise At a gap of 1 month, it is a normal interval for a normal pregnancy. But, if you’re having a high risk of pregnancy and, if you have any past history of mishaps or miscarriage, or demise of your baby due to unital death, in that scenario, we advise you to come more frequently to the clinic.

Maybe we will call you after every 2 weeks or we may advise you to do an ultrasound after every 2 weeks. High-risk pregnancy has to be taken care of very carefully, you have to be very cautious. And, when you visit the clinic, then we do that test normally in 1 month.

We have to get your tests done every 2 weeks. And in that scenario, you visit the clinic and do the tests regularly. Which tells us that the baby is secure pregnancy is going on nicely there is no problem at all.

Conditions for high risk pregnancy

So, high-risk pregnancies have to be taken care of very carefully. And, there are some medicines also which we add. Like, there is low blood flow in your uterus. Or there is a history of multiple-time miscarriages.

Or is there a past history of the baby’s death? In those scenarios, we give you some injections which have to be taken daily. Most of the time, those are blood thinners. that dilates your blood so that the blood supply that is going to the baby can go through it easily. The blood supply of the child should not be hampered at all.

In the same way, we also advise you on some medicines. Which are again blood thinners. So, there is a whole set of medicines. Which have to be given if the pregnancy is high risk. And similarly, if your thyroid is also high. Then your regular thyroid check-up has to be done. The thyroid hormone TSH or free T3 and T4.

Thyroid hormone has to be checked every 3 months obviously. If you are taking medicines for Thyroid we have to titrate it during pregnancy and similarly, if there is some other reason for the high-risk pregnancy. As there is a history of women who had miscarriages several times. Or water leakage happens or the baby was delivered pre-term last time.

How to take care of that

We could not save that child. In such conditions, we have to apply a cerclage band. Which we call the mouth of the uterus we have to tie it there. So, such kind of a pregnancy is also a high-risk pregnancy we have to be really very cautious continuously give injections to them. Weekly injections are given to keep the uterus silent or in a dormant stage.

Similarly, we keep on checking the ultrasound. And we keep on doing ultrasounds. Just to see how the baby is doing or we also ask the patient regularly. That you do you feel any leakage or any general discharge that is being released? So, these are the conditions which we find out. If there is some high risk we can at least.

Pick the first call, we can pick any complication at the first step. In the first step and we can correct it and prevent it from progressing further. So, this way there are many reasons. How a pregnancy can be a high-risk pregnancy? And, we have to make the treatment changes according to that. So, I hope I have answered all the queries.


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