How to abort pregnancy with home remedies

Their are some easy ways to abort pregnancy with home remedies. A women could eat those type of foods which causes miscarriage, these foods mainly prevent pregnancy from happening.

Some foods which helps to abort pregnancy with home remedies:

  • ​Sprouted Potato
  • Smoked seafood
  • Pineapple
  • ​Papaya
  • Unpasteurized milk

2. Sprouted potato

Sprouted Potato – The green sprout is high in solanine, a toxin which is detrimental for fetal growth. It can subsequently cause miscarriage too. Which basically means intake of sprouted potato can cause sever damage to the body so it is suggested not to use in miscarriage as it could cause it and also harm the mother.

1. Smoked seafood

Smoked seafood – Listeria is the main element present in smoked sea foods such as, fish (salmons), crab, octopus. All this types of sea food mainly contains Listeria which can cause infections in women and further leads to miscarriage or termination of pregnancy.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple –Consuming either raw pineapple or its juice can cause miscarriage, this is due to the presence of bromelain, which leads to contractions in the uterus and softens the cervix causing harm to the fetus. As due to hormonal changes or excessive consumption of pineapple may leads towards miscarriage and can also cause the termination of pregnancy.

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4. Papaya

Papaya – Raw or unripe papaya consists of a substance called Latex which can result in uterine contractions. The uterine contractions can lead to miscarriage in early pregnancy. Unripen papaya is very much harmful for the developing fetus so it the early stages of pregnancy it is preferred not to eat or consume any product having unripen papayas.

5. Unpasteurized milk

Unpasteurized milk – It contains mainly an enzyme Listeriosis which can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth, or make your newborn baby very unwell. Soft cheeses with a white coating on the outside have more moisture. So the intake of that type of dairy product will further leads to termination of pregnancy and also cause the problems to mother so it is necessary to talk to the doctor


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