How to terminate pregnancy using home remedies

Their are very less ways by which you could terminate pregnancy using home remedies some of them are by consuming foods which leads to a miscarriage. As this the only method termination of pregnancy could done by home remedies. By contacting a doctor you could get more answers about that.

Foods which terminate pregnancy (home remedies).

  • Eucalyptus
  • Animal liver
  • Drumstick
  • Pineapple
  • Smoked seafood

1. Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus -It is another effective home remedy for the abortion. Eucalyptus is a plant that is rich in ketones. Greater amount of ketones have a direct impact on the child. It should be used in the early stages of pregnancy in the first trimester. It is not preferred to use or administer these type of plants as it can toxic the womb and causes infections.

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2. Drumsticks:

Drumsticks: They act as an anti-fertility agent, and due to its ani-fertility activity it leads to an abortion. The process of implantation is also get effected by eating drumsticks during pregnancy. That is why for getting an abortion or to terminate a pregnancy drumsticks are used but doctors to not recommend home remedies as it will not give a 100% abortion.

3. Animal liver:

Animal liver: As we all know they have good amount of vitamins and other useful nutrients present in them by it also contains a vitamin A which can influence fetal development and cause complications such urinary tract malformations. It can also be responsible for inducing miscarriage.

This will not ensures that by eating animal liver, termination of pregnancy could happen as it have more side effects to the mother’s body as it could causes infection and other serious problems to your body.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple –Consuming either raw pineapple or its juice can cause miscarriage, this is due to the presence of bromelain, which leads to contractions in the uterus and softens the cervix causing harm to the fetus. As due to hormonal changes or excessive consumption of pineapple may leads towards miscarriage and can also cause the termination of pregnancy.

5. Smoked seafood

Smoked seafood – Listeria is the main element present in smoked sea foods such as, fish (salmons), crab, octopus. All this types of sea food mainly contains Listeria which can cause infections in women and further leads to miscarriage or termination of pregnancy.


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