Baby Movements during pregnancy

When will the baby start moving during pregnancy? When can you feel its movements? All those questions are important for a parent.

Hello friends, baby starts showing it’s movement after 3 months or 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you have not felt the baby’s movement in 12 weeks i.e. 3 months, then it often comes to your mind that when can I feel the baby’s movement, at the starting months the movement can be easily seen in sonography.

Time when movement starts

The more the belly fat the less movement you feel of you baby, as your stomach fat reduces the feeling on that particular area. Skinnier women fell more movement of the baby in early months of pregnancy.

What is the position of the placenta. If the placenta is to the interior i.e. the stick to the wall of the uterus, then obviously the child will show more movement the weight of the baby while developing inside, what is its position, these two factors also reflect the movement of the baby.

The amount of embryotic fluid in the stomach shows how much movement is their. If the fluid is less then you will feel less moments. If the fluid is more then the baby can move more in it.

If you are first time mother, you start feeling the baby movements on the fifth month or sometimes in the beginning of the sixth month i.e. around 22 to 24 weeks, but if you have already become a mother, then next time when you are getting pregnant, then you are a little experienced, the muscles in our stomach may lose a little. In such a situation, baby movements can be understood quickly, sometimes in the fourth month or sometimes in the fifth month roughly time is 16 to 20 weeks.

When you start having baby movements, the first thing you feel is the baby movements below the navel because the baby is coming out from above and coming towards the stomach, so below the navel you start having hockey bubbly movements. And when you start detecting movements, then one habit that you should inculcate from the beginning is that you try to understand the pattern of your child’s movements, try to count from them, then when you understand a pattern, then start practicing it.

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Monitoring the movement

You should continuously monitor the pattern because this action reflects the health of your child. The advice I often give to women is that they should take a walk for half an hour after eating food. After the walk, you should rest for an hour. Now your If the stomach is full then the food has reached your baby also. When you rest, the water inside the uterus also comes into the resting board and in such a situation the baby moves more.

Monitor the babies’ movements after every meal, that is, after breakfast, lunch and dinner, your baby moves for an hour. If the baby is doing less movement then this is an alarm. You should consult your doctor. If he is doing at least that much movement or more movements then it is also fine.

By tracking baby movements in this way, you can monitor your baby’s health. The second thing that you have to pay attention to in baby movements is that if baby movements are becoming less for you then you should not get into panic mode. You should observe your daily routine to see if it is any different from your regular routine.


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