When should I go to the gynecologist

Hello Friends, today we will talk about those 10 reasons, when should you go to the gynecologist.

Related periods:

First of all, your nine year old child starts menstruating at this early ages, then it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

When you are 16 years old and even after that you have not started menstruating, it is still important to visit your gynecologist.

You have periods but they are irregular, means the period is less than two days or more than seven days. The gap between your periods is less than 21 days or more than 35 days.

The bleeding during the periods is so severe that you have to change pad again and again and it contains clot of blood than it means you have heavy bleeding.

If you had sever pain in periods which we call Dismynoria and due to this your daily routine is getting disturbed and you even can’t go to work than you have to see an gynecologist.

During love making you have issues or you feel pain because of that you have problem in an relationship than you should definitely see a doctor.

Abnormal vaginal discharge means that the color of your vaginal discharge is either red, yellow or smells really bad always fell itchy, redness near vagina, all these symptoms could be an vaginal infection in that case you should see an gynecologist.

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Related pregnancy:

If you are planning for pregnancy than in that case go talk to your gynecologist to know every details about it. You should know about any kind of deficiency which can effect the baby and your pregnancy. All these types of questions could be cleared out by your gynecologist.

You are planning for pregnancy for more than a year or so but not getting pregnant and your age is less than 30 years or your age is more than 30 years and you are planning for 6 months but not getting pregnant than in that case infertility could be a problem. To verify and be clear you should talk to a doctor.

If you are pregnant than to know the health of baby and mother, growth of the baby and to know all type of complications during pregnancy you should see a gynecologist.

At the end, if you don’t have any problem you have your periods on time but once on every year you should go and see a gynecologist as elder said prevention is better than cure.


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