Should You Eat Curd During Pregnancy?

Is it good to eat curd during pregnancy? Should I eat curd or drink milk? Curd is a common ingredient of kitchen. It is a common thing to use, but will it be better to eat curd or use milk during pregnancy?

We know what is curd. Curd is nothing else, it is fermented milk and there are many nutrients inside it. Such bacteria which are friendly for your health these bacteria help your gut which are necessary for your digestive system, keep your immunity strong i.e. also increase your power to fight diseases.

It is definitely good during pregnancy, the only thing is that the curd you are using should be made from your home milk, the curd you get from the market is often adulterated, sometimes they add powder milk or some flavors. If curd is mixed with refined flour or there is more sugar present in it then there are more disadvantages but if you prepare curd at home then it is definitely a very good thing for you.

Curd benefits during pregnancy

Curd gives you nutrition such as calcium, protein it is a very healthy Pre biotic bacteria. Pre biotic means such bacteria which are found inside curd are very good for our digestive system. It also keeps the immunity strong and which bacteria is Lactobacillus.

So if you use curd during pregnancy, along with protein and calcium, you can also improve your digestion. Often people complain during pregnancy that they have constipation, suffer from gas, have acidity, then in such a situation, these could be the symptoms of indigestion, curd has a cooling effect, so eating it can help you with these problems.

It was told that due to progesterone hormone, the body temperature rises a little, so often in such a situation, you feel like eating something cold, so if you eat curd, it cools your body, it will maintain the temperature and along with this, Along with this, it will also give you other benefits.

Taking milk or curd, milk is good relief or curd is good relief. If we try to know the answer to this, then protein is found inside milk which we call lactose.

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Benefits of curd over milk

Lactose is quite difficult for digestion, those people who have digestion problems or constipation problems, gas problems, acidity problems or there are some people who have lactose intolerance, if they use milk then they face problems or So stomach ache starts, vomiting starts, stomach gets upset, then in such a situation milk is not a beneficial thing and lactose intolerance is found in most of the people.

But on the other hand if you ferment this milk, then Lactobacillus which breaks down the proteins of this lettuce, because of this you can now easily digest this milk. Due to fermentation, the side effects of milk like indigestion is removed.

It’s benefits are protein is good in it, calcium is good in it, and the second thing we said is that the nature of milk is a little sour but yes, it lowers your body temperature so this is an advantage, especially if you are pregnant and summer season is going on.

Ayurvedic use of curd during the day is a good for your health. If you use it at night or if you have cold or cough, then in such a situation you should use curd thoughtfully. Curd is a very good substitute for those people who are lactose intolerant or cannot tolerate milk and the biggest advantage of curd.


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