Swollen Legs During Pregnancy

Swelling of feet is a common problem during pregnancy. After all, why do you have swelling in your feet during pregnancy, what are the reasons for it, how can we get rid of it?

When such symptoms appear we understand that it is a matter of concern and it is necessary for us to seek medical advice. Today we will talk about this in detail. If we talk about numbness in the legs or swelling in the legs during pregnancy, then we can mainly divide it into two parts, the first part is physiological and the second is pathological.

Physiological causes are those which cause swelling in the feet due to hormonal and physical changes occurring during pregnancy and pathological causes are those which cause any problem or disease during pregnancy.

Physiological swelling in pregnancy:

If we talk about physiological process, then it is a common problem. As the child grows, the mother’s weight also increases. The uterus also expand due to the increasing weight of the child and water inside and the uterus. Due to this, there is pressure in the veins of our legs increases.

Now these veins have to use more force to pump the blood towards your heart. What happens due to gravity is that the blood starts flowing down. The blood starts getting separated from the veins.

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the blood becomes thin. The gap in the veins also gets reduced a little, due to which it may happen that the blood becomes thinner. The water inside goes outside the extracellular space i.e. outside the veins. This causes swelling in the feet, especially if you stand for a long time or your feet dangle or there is a lack of protein in your diet.

You eat too much salt or If we reduce exercise due to which the nerves have become weak, then there will be swelling in the legs during pregnancy. There is no need to worry too much.

Yes, some precautions have to be taken, the major of which we will talk about later is pathological, that is, those diseases which occur during pregnancy. If there is swelling in the legs, what could this be? This is a very common problem, especially if we talk about our country or Asian countries or African countries that there is a deficiency of iron and protein in the body due to which there is a deficiency of blood in the body.

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Pathological swelling in pregnancy:

This is called anemia and swelling in the legs due to anemia.

Is there swelling in the whole body but because it is the most dependent part of our body. Therefore, this is the beginning of swelling in the body, it first starts from the feet and the maximum swelling has occurred in the feet.

The second reason which is the pathological reason for swelling in the feet during pregnancy is hypoproteinemia. If there is less protein in your body. If you are already underweight then it is possible that there may be more protein deficiency in your body or if you have any kidney problem due to which your urine becomes less.

Protein loss is increasing in the body due to this also there is a deficiency of protein in the body and due to hypoproteinemia there is swelling in the whole body and in the initial stage this swelling is most prevalent in the legs and sometimes in the eyes.

There is also a third type of pregnancy induced hypertension i.e. due to pregnancy hormonal changes, some people get pressure during pregnancy, especially after 24 weeks and the most common and first symptom of hypertension is swelling in the legs.

If you have any chronic medical conditions, then due to that, these problems occur during pregnancy, such as varicose veins, thrombosis, kidney condition, if you have any such diseases before.

Swelling in last two months:

So what should you do if in the last two I am getting swelling in your feet, it is possible that you get swelling in your feet during rest mostly this swelling is physiological. There is no need to worry too much. If your swelling is coming within five months of the beginning of pregnancy, it does not decrease gradually with rest and it is increasing see a doctor.

You start seeing swelling in the rest of the body also, you are having some difficulty in urinating, you are having some difficulty in breathing, you are feeling weak in the body, you are getting pale, then this is the indicator that there is some disease in your body due to which there is swelling in your feet.

So you should not ignore it at all. You have to immediately go and see a doctor. If you want to save yourself from other vices in your feet, then you should not ignore it at all. During pregnancy, you have to keep in mind that your weight should not increase too much. Your diet should include green leafy vegetables like beet, carrot, orange and lemon.

These should be good so that there is no lack of blood in your body. Protein should be good in your diet. If you are a vegetarian then take rajma, gram, sago, proof grains, milk and milk products in a good quantity and if you are a non-vegetarian, then use egg, fish, chicken but at the same time.


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