Benefits of Cumin and Celery during pregnancy

After delivery, our grandmothers, and uncles often advise you to drink water with a little celery or to use a little celery as much as possible in your food. Is this practice good for the mother and the child? Today we are going to talk about this.

Often in our homes, our grandmothers advise to use a lot of cumin and celery after delivery. In fact, cumin and celery have such medicinal power that it helps the mother in losing weight, increases your immunity, breast milk has to increase because it has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps your child away from infection.

It is a very good digestive, because of this, if you use a little celery regularly, you can still back it but it has a huge medicinal value and that value is because of its active component it is a bioactive compound.

Advantages of Cumin and Celery

When you use celery in your food or when you soak it and use its water, your metabolism increases as soon as it enters your body due to thymol. It also increases insulin sensitivity if insulin sensitivity increases, then the chances are that the extra kilos you have gained during pregnancy will gradually reduce.

Thymol has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory properties mean the changes that have taken place in the body. The injury that has happened, the stretching of the uterus, to come back to normal, we have to use the anti-inflammatory power of our body and a little more celery which increases your anti-inflammatory power.

These also help in increasing the breast milk, women often complain that their milk is not good. If we give cumin or celery water to the women then it is a very good for breast milk. In fact, if you use it then you can increase the breast milk.

Iron is also find inside cumin it helps increasing blood and also blood flow, so if you have anemia due to blood loss at the time of delivery or due to any reason during pregnancy, then use cumin. Especially if you mix cumin with jaggery then the taste also becomes good, you also get good taste and both cumin and jaggery help in increasing the blood and also the muscles of the uterus.

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Benefits during pregnancy:

After delivery, due to hormonal changes, our sleep time is not fixed, we do not eat and drink properly many times. this cause belching, gas problem, acidity, constipation, stomach is not being cleared, then both celery and cumin, especially the properties of celery are very good for digestion during pregnancy.

It will control the acidity and relieve the constipation. It helps in inhaling, does not allow gas, hence you do not belch, hence, if you are eating any food, if you add a little celery to it, then you can control the problems.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should drink water well, otherwise you will have more urine than this, so if you drink less water then there will be water deficiency in the body, it can cause urinary tract infection.

During pregnancy, after delivery, you often feel cold, so if you use a little celery then it is fine. You will sweat more due to which you can create electrolyte imbalance or water deficiency inside the body, along with this you should eat fruits well and increase water intake.


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