The main reasons for back pain after pregnancy

Your delivery has been done and the most common question that is asked to us after delivery is this common problem that I am having back pain after delivery. Is there something wrong with my delivery? It did not happen or ever since the injection was given in my back for cesarean, I am having back pain. Why is this happening?

Reasons for back pain:

See, after delivery, whether it is normal delivery or cesarean, studies say that 30 to 95% of women. That means 32 to 95% women have post delivery back complaints. Some have less problems, some have more problems.

Due to the hormonal and physical changes taking place in our body during pregnancy, as we talked about earlier also, the growing baby in the uterus. Due to the size, the curvature of your spine changes.

The gap between the joints increases, your muscles also get relaxed, due to which there is pressure on the spine and pressure on your pelvic area and when the delivery is done, it takes time for these changes to be reversed, hence due to this, there is some back pain for everyone post delivery and also after the delivery.

This happen especially if you have had a cesarean delivery(operational delivery), then it takes some time to get up and sit. Just like there are many physical changes in our body, it becomes normal, but those women who do not take care of themselves, do not pay attention while getting up and sitting, do not do the process of bending properly, do not carry and breast feed the child.

To check is there any milk supply, leans too much after delivery, if there is protein calcium deficiency in your diet or excessive blood loss, you did not take your iron, calcium and protein supplements post delivery, took excessive bed rest, did not exercise at all.

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What to do in back pain:

The pain experienced after delivery is unbearable, neither you can get up, nor sit, nor lie down, so if you are experiencing any such pain due to which your routine is also getting disturbed and if you are not getting relief by doing anything, then you do not have to wait for one and a half to two months you should immediately go and get a checkup done by an orthopedist i.e. a bone doctor.

You have to keep some things in mind, first of all, after delivery, people either do not bend at all, that is also a problem for you because that is also not good for the spine or if you bend

Those women who are very conscious about their weight and start exercising excessively, that is also harmful for you or those ladies who are very conscious about exercise that after delivery we have to sleep straight and walk. If you don’t have a physical education or don’t want to climb stairs, they may also have problems.

You will start walking immediately after delivery. Do as much work as you are comfortable with and do the exercise while walking or sitting on the floor.

Keep your posters good during feeding, that is, when you are breastfeeding the baby, how are you sitting, how much are you bending, you have to take care of things.


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