How to reduce belly fat after pregnancy?

After delivery, one thing which troubles every woman is how to reduce her enlarged belly. Today we will see about whether you can reduce your belly fat by using abdominal binders or by using abdominal belt.

After delivery, as soon as the child has to be kept less in the outside world, along with the maintenance of the child, there is another stress which troubles this strangely protruding stomach how will it be cured, so I advised him to use abdominal belts.

Do use binders, this will make your stomach go in quickly using magnetic belt will cause you to sweat more, this will melt your fat and remove it you will definitely get some benefits by using them these all are myths, it is not at all advisable to use the belt. Doctors also give advice on cesarean delivery especially after this or for those women who have heavy weight.

Then it is common to have back pain after delivery, you also feel a little pain while getting up or you also feel a little pain after cesarean.

Some benefits of abdominal belt:

So if we advise you to use abdominal belt, it can give you some relief in back pain, your body posture can be corrected and it is cesarean and especially if your belly fat is more then there are chances of inflammation, so to reduce it, we recommend applying wax on abdominal belt.

There are only two methods which you can use properly, then your belly fat can be reduced, first of all is diet. We have often see the food that we eat has the most of carbohydrates or fat, take ghee and sweets, they give you ghee dal in everything and do not give vegetables to eat.

If you want your baby fat to be reduced, then make sure that there is proper protein in your diet, it should be a high protein diet. If you are a vegetarian then you have to use milk and milk products properly. You can use makhana, use rajma these are very good protein source and also the supplements which are available in delivery.

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After delivery, your doctor has given you iron, calcium and protein tablets (multi vitamins) use it regularly. Due to hormonal changes after delivery, there are some changes in our stomach which causes the problem of constipation also increases belly fat, hence water should also be included in your diet.

Diet for reducing belly fat:

Your diet should be a well hydrated diet, then it is very common for you to drink less water after delivery drink water properly, all the toxins in your body get washed away and there is less constipation. The second thing you have to eat salad, vegetables and fruits in your diet in sufficient quantity, it will help in keeping your stomach together and the very good thing.

If you eat colored fruits and vegetables, then you do not see these vitamins and minerals. Also, studies have found that eating such things, eating fresh things, eating chopped things like salads and fruits, is also a good mood reliever.

Posture pattern is also good, you must have heard that after delivery, due to hormonal changes, your mood swings are very high, if you have not got proper sleep, then if you have fruits and vegetables in your diet then everything will be good and your mood will be good.

The only thing that will help is exercise. Often people think that even after a normal delivery, they will start exercising after 2 months or if it has been a cesarean, then I will not let them exercise for three to six months. In a normal delivery, you will start exercising after 10 weeks. You can do cardio to reduce belly fat.


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