Best Supplements and Vitamins for Pregnancy

Do we need or what nutritional supplements are needed during pregnancy and why should we take supplements during pregnancy. These are the common questions we get.

First of all, let us know about pregnancy. If we talk about nutrition or eating habits, then most of the people think that pregnancy means eating more, this is a very wrong concept.

How many calories do you need in the first trimester. The daily intake is 1800 calories. In the second trimester, 2200 calories on an average and in the last three months of pregnancy, your dietary requirement increases to 2400.

If you are consuming more calories in your diet daily. All you need is protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium should be fulfilled and at the same time, the additional burden that is load on the deficiencies that we face in the body during pregnancy or during delivery.

Supplements required:

Through those supplements, we remove the deficiencies so that the man does not get any weakness. So if we talk about some such supplements then the most important one is folic acid. It is very important to take folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Protects from neural tube defect. Neural tube defect means that if there defect in the head and spinal cord of the child, then folic acid is such a vitamin that if it is deficient in the body, then if you think of planning a pregnancy, then it be sure to take folic acid supplementation one month before and in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Additionally, folic acid supplementation also reduces the risk of increased blood pressure in pregnant women due to bleeding that occurs due to leaving the uterus before leaving the uterus, so in the first three trimesters.

The supplement that is necessary during pregnancy is folic acid. After that, as the pregnancy progresses, you should take iron supplementation, calcium intake, protein, these three are mandatory, iron calcium because iron is present in your body it removes anemia because the blood becomes thin during pregnancy.

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On average, there is blood loss of 800 ml to 1000 ml, sometimes it is more than this, so if there is already blood deficiency in your body or anemia, then the blood loss during delivery is also more sometimes even a person’s life is in danger, so iron supplementation should also be in your diet.

No matter how good your diet is, women often say that they also eat green vegetables like beetroot. I also eat carrots, so then there is no need for me to take iron folic acid tablets, this is wrong, as much iron is retired during pregnancy, you cannot fulfill it only through diet, hence you should also take tablets like this.

Vitamin required during pregnancy:

Calcium is needed for the formation of bones of the growing child and also for the changes taking place in you. As the weight of the growing child is increasing, there may be a deficiency of calcium in the body, so you have to take calcium.

So, you can take protein supplementation in any form, especially if you are a vegetarian. If yes, then you will take protein supplements in the form of biscuits, in the form of powder or in the form of capsules.

Apart from this, sometimes during pregnancy, there is deficiency of Vitamin B12 and deficiency of Vitamin D3, so from time to time we take all these things. Keep doing checkups and if you feel that there is a deficiency, then do B12 and D3 supplementation.

Yes, even after delivery, you should take supplements because during pregnancy, supplements are necessary for both the child and the mother, but after delivery, supplements are necessary.

And how will we make up for the loss that the mother has suffered during delivery? And secondly, after delivery, the nutritional retirement of the mother increases even at the time of breastfeeding i.e. at the time of breastfeeding, vitamins are required.


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