Rubella Virus in Pregnancy

What is rubella infection in pregnancy? Why does it happen? What can we do to prevent it? Rubella is a viral infection that can happen to anyone at any age at any time but those people whose immune system is weak, those who are young or are in some expression phase of life.

When our immune system becomes a little weak then the chances of getting infection with rubella virus and the chances of its survival increase. Rubella virus spreads rapidly and its symptoms can be like ordinary cold cough, fever or sometimes with rashes on the body.

The problem is that if this viral infection occurs during pregnancy, then this virus can cause great harm to the entire developing child i.e. the growing baby and can be abnormal or have defects in them.

Things to take care of:

In such a situation, what should we do to avoid rubella infection during pregnancy and is there any prevention for it? Before understanding this, we have to understand what this virus does. If rubella virus or any viral infection occurs in our body, then what happens to our bod there is a defense system, which we call the immune system, it fights the virus.

During this fight, some things are released in our body which cause a little harm to us, but at the same time, during this fight, it prepares itself to protect itself from this and also creates a defense so that the virus cannot attack us in future.

If your immune system is strong then in most of the cases this system of ours wins this battle and we make Happy Birthday Antibodies are a kind of soldiers who will guard our body and protect us. Whenever this virus enters our body, these antibodies immediately destroy it before it can cause any harm to us. Our body protects us in many ways.

Now, what do you have to do to avoid rubella virus during pregnancy?

See, no medicine has been made yet to fight rubella virus, but its vaccinations have been made, so you can do a simple test. Have to do what we call rubella infection. If your test is positive then people get scared and immediately ask that doctor sir, my test has come positive, what medicine should I take for this infection?

It is a matter of great happiness, it is a good thing that your test is positive. The body has already fought this infection and has made antibodies against it, so if it is positive then you do not have to do anything. Your system is ready to fight this virus. You can plan your pregnancy comfortably.

Another scenario that can happen is that your test is negative, then people become happy that I do not have a viral infection, this is also wrong. If your test is negative, it means that your body has developed its own defense to fight this virus. If you have not prepared then you can get a vaccination which is called M.R. which is a vaccine which also gives you the ability to fight rubella virus.

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With this vaccination, a mild infection is introduced in your body so that your immune system gets triggered. If possible and to start the process of making antibodies, it should be kept in mind that if you have taken rubella vaccination, then after that you do not have to plan pregnancy for one month because if you plan pregnancy in one month, then we have done a little to fight the virus.

Infection has been introduced in the form of vaccination, it can harm the pregnancy or the growing baby, so there is a small precaution regarding rubella vaccine. The simple protection is that whenever you are planning a pregnancy, get yourself tested for rubella. Get the test done, if you are positive then you can easily plan pregnancy.

If you are negative then please take Rubella vaccine in MR form or R Vac form and after that take protection for one month and give other time after you get pregnant.


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