Does eclipse affect pregnant women

Eclipse or Chandra Grahan, as soon as this name comes and you are pregnant, then many instructions are given to you, it is said that if you will eat outside at the time of eclipse, then this will cause some artificial defects in the child growing inside or if you go out of the house at the time of eclipse.

Myths about eclipse affecting pregnancy:

Then there is a risk of premature delivery or bleeding, due to all circumstances, instructions are given from your or from the elders of the house that at the time of eclipse that you do not have to bend your body parts, if you bend your legs or bend your hands, then the internal organs of the child will be affected.

You will face the same problem if you have eaten food prepared before the eclipse. At the time of the eclipse, you should neither eat nor drink anything, you will not even come out of the house, these all are myths.

What happen in an eclipse:

What happens in this is that when the Earth, the Sun and the Moon come on a line, the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. So the light from the Sun does not reach the Moon, so we call it a lunar eclipse. This is a natural process, it happens every year.

At some places it is visible, at some places it is not visible, then it is Geographical events are important for our creation. If you see them directly then perhaps it can show some effect on you, but if you are in your house or go out of the house, then their is no damage done to you.

It has been scientifically proven that if you go out comfortably at the time of lunar eclipse or any eclipse, as you would do during a routine pregnancy, then there will be no problem for your child. There is no problem in pregnancy either.

It is not that there will be any birth mark or any congenital malformation. not eating anything may affect you as during pregnancy you have to pay attention to your regular meals, due to which their sugar drops or blood pressure decreases due to which they feel dizzy.

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Things not to do during eclipse:

If we cannot eat anything at the time of lunar eclipse, then if we do not use those medicines recommended by the doctor on that day, then it can lead to harm to both the mother and the child.

Often, after a few days or two or three days of the eclipse, the female comes to us with the complaint that she is having a lot of pain in her waist and hands and legs, then investigation is done, we come to know that at the time of eclipse, we were told that you will keep sitting straight on a flat surface.

Obviously during pregnancy, especially when you are in your last days, if you keep taking it straight on a flat surface, then back pain is a very common thing to happen and if you continue sitting it straight for such a long time, it may reduce the blood supply to the child, which may lead to some unwanted events inside and may cause harm to the child, so please avoid these types of misconceptions.

Keep in mind that this is a myth, there is no need to give them much importance, sometimes you have to do some things to keep the heart of your elders in your family, as long as you are comfortable in doing all those things, you do not have any problem.


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