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As soon as pregnancy stops, a question that is repeatedly asked by pregnant women or their families is that Doctor, will our delivery be normal? Doctor, what should I do so that normal delivery happens?

If you have kept two things in mind while planning your pregnancy. That is, your weight at the time of conceiving is normal, you are neither underweight nor overweight, if you are following a healthy lifestyle, then the chances of your whether you will go through a normal delivery.

Things to keep in mind for normal pregnancy:

If you are pregnant or want to have a normal delivery, then you have to keep three things in mind. First of all, Appropriate weight gain during pregnancy. Your weight should be increased in the right proportion in a right way.

If you have gained less weight than required, then the mother and the child will have complications during pregnancy, their blood pressure will increase, there will be diabetes or the growth of the child may be reduced or it may be more than required.

The chances of all these increase and if there is any problem during pregnancy means if a child has a complication then it is a very obvious and chances of having a cesarean will increase, so the first thing is that you have to weigh yourself in the right proportion and in the right it totally depends on your diet and lifestyle?

How you can increase the chances of normal delivery:

If your diet has proper calories, proper nutrition, the amount of protein, minerals and vitamins you need, you are taking care of all those things. Your lifestyle is good, that is, you do regular exercise and sleep on time, start breathing exercises on time, if you have done regular bed rest, but not taken excessive bed rest then the chances of pregnancy complications are reduced, the chances of normal delivery increase.

The most important thing is regular checkups, often pregnant women or their families think that if they do not have any problem, then why should they see a doctor, what is important is that you can prevent complications before they occur or if any complication occurs, catch it as soon as possible so that its damage can be kept to a minimum.

This will be possible only if you schedule your maternity visits and pregnancy visits with the doctor. During these visits, there is no time for clinical checkup, that is, the doctor examines you or does some investigation, especially ultrasound or blood test, to decide which are the cases where cesarean will be necessary or which are the cases for normal delivery.

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If you have had 2 or more previous cesareans. Or any major surgery has been done inside the uterus there is a huge formation inside the uterus, position of the baby is upside down or upside down which decides in the beginning itself that there is no normal delivery.

During delivery:

It is possible that we will not have to go, there are some conditions which come to light around nine months i.e. when the pregnancy reaches near delivery and then we decide whether it will be okay, normal delivery or spontaneous like if the pregnancy is 35-36 weeks.

It has crossed and the baby is still upside down etc. The water inside is much more than normal which is called poly hydrirs, it is much less than normal which is called oligo hydrom.

The weight of the baby is more than normal, we think that The baby may get stuck or the baby is weak which we call aayujya and due to this weakness the baby will not be able to bear the stress of normal labour. In this last class some complications have occurred especially like if the mother’s blood pressure has increased too much.

Mother has started having seizures or has some other problem due to which, if we think that we will help in normal delivery, then the health of the mother may be harmed or the health of the child may be harmed, then in such a situation we recommend cesarean delivery.


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