Sex during pregnancy is it safe?

If I am pregnant, can we have sex during pregnancy? Can we do love making? The nervous couple will understand and ask a question and there is a simple answer to it that if you are pregnant, then in your pregnancy there is no problem of any kind and you can comfortably having sex with your partner during the entire 9 months.

Love making can have an impact. There are some benefits of love making during pregnancy, but some things should also be kept in mind. About which we will talk, if your pregnancy is going and there is no problem of any kind in it, like the pregnancy is single, your placenta is low light, that is, it is not above the mouth of the uterus, you do not have any kind of problem.

Things to keep in mind:

There is no problem of any kind in pregnancy. Your doctor has told in ultrasound that your baby is absolutely fine, water level is fine, there is no problem, baby’s growth is going well, so it means you can do love making during pregnancy.

You do not have any infection. You do not have any history of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. You do not have any abnormal vaginal discharge. Your previous pregnancies have gone well or you are pregnant for the first time and you are experiencing this problem.

You will not face any kind of problem during the entire 9 months, but while having intercourse during pregnancy, you should openly talk about your needs with your partner. Use only that position in which you are comfortable.

If you feel any kind of pain or bleeding after intercourse, then it is a symptom that you are probably not comfortable with intercourse or it may cause problems to you, so if anything like this happens, you have to discuss with your doctor and only after that we will decide whether you can have intercourse during nine months or not.

Benefits of sex in pregnancy:

There are some benefits of making love during pregnancy it has told that during intercourse there is an increase in the blood supply towards the uterus, then only the chances of the baby’s growth will be good also increases.

Secretions from the glands present in the vagina or on the mount of the user also increase due to which the passage gets lubricated, the circulation in the vagina increases and because of that, the muscles there also become a little stronger, so all these things help the child when the last time comes.

If the baby moves down, then helping in fixing the head this will help in normal delivery, you have to take care of your comfort zone also and your pregnancy.

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There should not be any complication. If there is any kind of complication or you are facing any kind of problem after having intercourse, then please during these 9 months, you have to take care of your relationship as well as safe sexual practice because during this period, the power of your vagina to fight diseases gets reduced a bit, so your partner must practice safe sex and you also have to pay attention to hygiene.


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