Can I Travel During Pregnancy?

If I am pregnant, can I travel? If I want to travel, can I travel by train, bus or by flights? Often, these questions are asked to us by pregnant women or their families during pregnancy. Today we will talk about this.

The simple answer is that if your pregnancy is uncomplicated, that is, there is no problem of any kind in pregnancy, you are completely comfortable, then during 9 months you can go to any place, even if it is nearby.

At a little distance, you can travel by road or by train or by flight, whichever way is convenient for you. You have to keep some things in mind while traveling.

Things to know before travelling:

The first thing you should know from your doctor is: What if there is any problem in your pregnancy if you are sick then you cannot go anywhere?

Pregnancy is different from illness but if there is any problem in your pregnancy like multiple pregnancy, you may have bleeding in the first 3-4 months.

Your blood pressure has increased, abortions have taken place due to premature opening of the uterus. If the mouth of your uterus is weak, there are very big lumps in your uterus, if there is any medical complication, then definitely you should not go.

There are some conditions in which there are some problem, so we say that You can go somewhere nearby but you should not go on long distance travel especially to places where medical facilities are not available during pregnancy.

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Is it safe to travel?

You may face problems in traveling during the first 3 months of pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the body. Due to this, in the first trimester, problems like nausea, vomiting, bad taste in the mouth, all these are very common.

In such a situation, problem of motion sickness, that is, whenever you travel, especially by bus you feel dizzy. So, if you had any kind of problem before, then it will definitely increase during pregnancy.

So, you should avoid going to very remote areas or valleys or traveling long distance by road, those places where you can get a lot of shock while traveling, in such places in the first 3 months and in the last one or two months.

You should avoid traveling because especially after the month, then there is a risk of premature labor i.e. before time. There is a risk of going into labor, so there are some small things that you have to keep in mind –

Safest way to travel.

If you are traveling by flight, and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, then you can practice pregnancy or carry the baby till 36 weeks. You can do it. Some airlines do not allow traveling after 34 weeks, but most of the airlines allow air travel for pregnant women during the first 34 weeks.

But for this, you have to issue an air travel certificate from your treating doctor, which is mostly one or two days before travelling. You have to consult your doctor maximum three days in advance so that if the staff asks you at the airport, you can show your fitness certificate.

While traveling, you have to take special care of your food and drink. Try to eat clean home-made food during travel. -Eat healthy food and drink water.

If you are on a long distance journey, keep eating small meals at regular intervals. Keep yourself hydrated, that is, do not let there be any shortage of water while travelling, especially if you are traveling by train or by road.

If you are a woman then there is a lot of problem related to toilet i.e. a clean toilet, then you have to take care of this thing also because if your toilets are unhygienic and not clean then there is a high risk of infection during pregnancy

Carry with you whatever supplements the doctor has given you. Often, while traveling, people tend to miss their important doctor visits whether we will come later or take them earlier, then discuss this thing openly with your doctor.


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