Vaginal yeast infection and causes

Today we are going to talk about a common problem that women face and that is yeast infection or fungal infection of vagina. Yeast infection or fungal infection as we call it is a discharge that one can have from vagina it is commonly caused by a organism or a culprit as you may call it candida albicans.

These are normal commensals in your vagina and can at some time become more effective and start giving you the discharge that you face what are signs and symptoms of yeast infection.

Yeast infection symptoms

Yeast infection or fungal infection of vagina can give symptoms like irritation discharge burning in urine which is usually towards the end of passing urine or a strange or very intense itching.

That you can face when you notice this discharge is not watery but it is almost curd like what are the causes and risk factors of yeast infection the cause of yeast infection is one organism and that’s a fungal organism called as candida albicans.

As i mentioned it is normally present in everybody’s vagina but when the risk factors are present this infection can become more and present as a disease or a symptom or a discomfort to you.

Presence of diabetes which causes increased infection lack of the common protective mechanism in your vagina where which is which means lack of the lactobacillus obesity.


Patients who have immune compromised patients who are on antibiotics these are the risk factors or these are the situations when this little fungal that is normally present in your vagina becomes so big or becomes so much that it starts giving you a discharge and you start suffering from it.

how do you prevent yeast infection yeast infection can be prevented by taking care of the risk factors that are there as i said the candida which causes the yeast infection is already present in everybody’s vagina but when the balance between the yeast infection and the lactobacillus is changed the yeast infections becomes more and you start having symptoms.

Doing any kind of douching using a lot of feminine products keeping your undergarments cool cotton not wet keeping that area warm and dry will prevent the yeast infection from becoming more.

The other factors that you can take care of is your obesity so if you’re obese make sure you lose weight if you’re diabetic control your diabetes any antibiotics at that time there is a risk that you may develop more yeast infection so cut down the antibiotics

A regular fungal infection is one of the commonest problem that women suffer from and we say a recurrent infection when you get these infections more than four episodes in a year it is possible that the yeast infection was not completely cured


It can be treated by medication both orally as well as topically which means local application the oral medications are usually anti-fungal drugs which we give to control the fungal infection and the topical medications are in forms of either pessaries or ointments which one can apply at the level of vagina.

Which will cure the infection as well as give temporary symptomatic relief but one must remember that these medications should not be taken presumably that you are having a vaginal infection by just over the counter medications i find many times women come to my office where they have treated themselves

Fungal infection but they actually have some other infection when to consult a gynecologist in terms of suffering from vaginal infection if your vaginal infection has any bad odor that is smell intense itching or any blood mixed with it you must consult a gynecologist because it could be a yeast infection.


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