Best lubricant for menopause dryness

Have you been a little bit more dry lately if so you’re not alone you might be surprised to learn that one in three women under 30 need lubrications to help things slide and glide when they’re having intercourse and if you’re over 50 well virtually everyone and I mean everyone needs something to help them have more comfortable intercourse.

It’s not you it’s not your partner it’s just biology so which Lube is best well it depends so let me break it down for you because there’s lots of different kinds of Lube I mean there’s water-based there’s oil there’s silicone and then there are hybrid versions that combine water and silicone.

Today we are going to see what are the best lubricant for vaginal dryness. Are you worried that sex is going to be a little bit painful or that things might not fit together.

Type of lubrications:

Now when it comes to silicone-based lubricants you can’t use them with sex toys made of silicone because it will break them down but you can use them with toys made of latex glass or other substances silicon based lubricants are great if you want to have sex in water in the shower because they won’t rinse off you can use silicone based lubricants with condoms but you have to beware because silicone will stain your sheets.

Now with the water-based Lube what’s great about that is that you can use it with any sex toy and any condom it also won’t stain your sheets water-based lubricants are also great if you’re gonna do a little backdoor action or anal play.

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Natural lubricants:

We have hybrid based lubricants these combine the best of water and silicone lubricants they give a really nice slippery feel and a lot of people really like them the downside is you can’t use them with toys made of silicone but if your toy is made of latex glass or something else go ahead and give it a try.

Then there’s oil-based lubricants like olive oil which you can certainly use as a lubricant and for some fun try coconut oil because at room temperature is a solid but once you touch it it becomes a liquid and when you use it it’s like having a tropical vacation.

You save all that money on the plane tickets you can also use baby oil, mineral oil and even petroleum jelly. With oil lubricants they’re definitely gonna stain your sheets and you cannot use them with condoms oil-based lubricants will beat up with water so it might not be the best thing if you’re using them in the shower in the pool.

Women’s health nurse practitioner I don’t want you putting anything in your vagina that’s not ready for fun otherwise it gets really tender you can have small tears and a lot of pain afterwards luckily you have lots of options for lubricants.


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