Pimples on private parts of female, home remedies ointment

Foreign boils if not treated in time can lead to complications. Today I will talk about a very common problem among women that is vaginal boils.

What is vaginal boils? Vaginal boils are pus filled in flame bumps that form under the skin of vagina they can develop outside vagina on labia or groins.

How vaginal pimples are caused:

They are caused by impacted or infected hair follicles and this is known as folliculitis. Most boils clear on their own in couple of weeks and few may need medical treatment and in severe cases may need incision to drain the pus and infection.

If vaginal boil persists for quite some time please consult your gynecologist to rule out sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, genital’s gonorrhea, chancroid syphilis, denial tuberculosis is also very common which should be ruled out.

What are the causes of boils in vaginal area number one is staphylococcus aureus naturally lives on outside of your body and in opening of your nose if this bacteria makes its way to the roots of hair the follicles and infection can develop.

Number two is cut in the skin while shaving or injury staff or other bacteria can set inside and can lead to boils, irritation friction from tight clothes can also cause tear leading to boils, ingrown hair if the follicle is infected then it can again lead to boils, close contact with someone who has boiled or sharing clothes or using same towel can also cause boils.

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Boils or vaginal pimple treatment:

How to treat vaginal boils first of all you should try home remedies like you can apply warm compress for 10 to 15 minutes over the boil every three to four times a day this will help you a lot heat promotes more blood circulation so white blood cells can fight off the remaining infection.

You can wear loose underwear’s and clothe things this will help you a lot clean and protect your boils if the boil bursts clear it with antibiotic like bacteria and neomycin polymyxin B and do daily dressing this will also help you a lot.

Don’t pop or prick this will spread infection to other parts analgesics to ease the pain and inflammation like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be tried wash your hands before you touch the boil or the surrounding area with antibacterial soap and water.

If these remedies don’t help and the boil doesn’t clear up in three weeks or if it grows rapidly or is very painful then see your gynecologist she will prescribe you some antibiotics or even drain the pus when should you see your doctor if there is fever chills.

How to prevent future pimples:

Boil is growing very rapidly or it is very painful and it is larger than even two inches and doesn’t clear up after even after three weeks then you should definitely see your doctor.

How to prevent future boils there are some simple tips if you follow these tips you can definitely prevent future boils trim your pubic area trimming with scissors and not shaving minimizes the risk of ingrown hair change raises frequently every three to four week.

Don’t share your personal items like razors towels or clothes complete the antibiotic course don’t stop in between the antibiotics because this can lead to antibiotic resistance and re-infection treat the staphylococcus aureus infection it can cause recurrent boils wash your hands before and after you touch the genitals with antibiotics soap and water.

So the takeaway is most vaginal boils will shrink and disappear within couple of weeks and will respond to home remedies if vaginal boils is getting worse and shows infection seek medical assistance larger and infected boils will likely need incision and drainage or excision or even marsupialization.

It require to be treated with antibiotics so the takeaway is most vaginal boils will shrink and disappear within couple of weeks and will respond to home remedies if the vaginal boil is getting worse and shows infection C medical assistance larger and infected boils will likely need incision and drainage excision or marsupialization and will be treated with antibiotics.


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