Vaginal or menopause dryness and it’s natural remedies

I’ve been talking about vaginal dryness a lot lately so let’s talk about the best treatments for vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness causes a lot of problems you know painful intercourse, urinary urgency, urinary frequency, frequent bladder infections and so many more issues.

Remedies for vaginal dryness:

When I counsel my patients about vaginal dryness I talk to them in in terms of the lowest tier to the highest tier lowest tier are vaginal moisturizers that you can get over the counter like replens refresh.

Those are the ones that you would use every so often there are some oils that you can get over the online as well you would put that in the vagina either every other day every three days or every seven days so those are things you can do on your own to try to get relief from vaginal dryness.

Hormonal remedies:

The middle tier is vaginal estrogen this one replaces the estrogen that is responsible for the dryness so as women get older whether you’re on medications or stuff is going on that’s reducing their body’s estrogen this vaginal estrogen helps to replace that deficiency

So it helps the vagina to sort of get its bounce back its bulk back the tissue if it’s thin it helps to repair that. So vaginal estrogen is a great choice.

It comes in cream form ring form pill form it is something that you have to put locally by yourself inside the vagina the ring we put for you in the office and it stays in there for three months but estrogen is a hormone and there are people who don’t want to use hormones they’re people who are afraid of hormones. Vaginal estrogen has been found to be safe.

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Best remedies:

When my patients tell me that they don’t want hormones and so my absolute favorite one the highest tier that gives my patients the best result is vaginal rejuvenation with vaginal laser therapy

The laser that I use is femilift it has no needles you don’t need any anesthesia there’s no down time it takes five minutes to do you go back to your regular activity after the treatment and the results are so dramatic the laser energy basically that’s delivered to the vagina causes the body to send all its repair mechanisms to the vagina and repair it so it rejuvenates

The vagina it gives a younger tissue younger um mucosa it behaves like a younger you so your natural lubrication comes back collagen is there it’s firmer it has more tone so there’s increased sexual pleasure and the lubrication helps with preventing bladder infections makes sex more pleasurable not tolerable a lot of women.


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