What is a vaginal yeast infection

Today I am talking about yeast infections what is it, what causes it, how can we treat it, what works and what doesn’t. Yeast infection is called candidiasis and what that is when yeast which is present in the vagina sort of overgrows and unbalances.

What’s in the vagina there are lots of different kinds of yeast out there and the most common one that we see for yeast infections is candida albicans but as I’ll get to later that’s not the only one that can mess things up and if you’ve gotten a yeast infection.

I promise you you’re not alone because up to 50 percent of vagina’s at some point in time will have a yeast infection and that’s why talking about this is important.

Some common symptoms:

So what are common symptoms of a yeast infection i think we’ve all heard of that cottage cheese discharge which is very common when you’ve got a yeast infection.

Although I’ll get to it in a little bit about how self-diagnosis isn’t always great but this can be a very common presenting symptom itching is another big one so just feeling like you can’t stop itching down there.

You can also see with more severe infections you can see swelling or redness of the vulva and sometimes it’s so bad that you can actually get little cuts or fissures.


let’s talk next diagnosis so you might see that cottage cheese discharge when you wipe and go yep yeast infection time to go to the pharmacy and get some over-the-counter medication but i don’t want you to do that.

Here’s why we are really bad at self-diagnosis and I’m not just saying that I’ve seen patients who come in and they think they have a yeast infection and they don’t and they’re not smart not at all like actual studies have shown that when people come in presenting with what we call vaginitis symptoms.

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Tests for yeast infection:

So the ideal situation would be that you would come in and get an exam that’s the best way that we can diagnose a yeast infection three main ways that we can diagnose a yeast infection one is when you come in and we do an exam and we take a little swab and we look under the microscope.

You can see here this is a picture of yeast spores and hyphae so when we see that under the microscope we go aha yeast we can treat that the second way is something called a yeast culture now this is something where again we take a swab we send it to the lab and they see what grows out as you can imagine this isn’t immediate.

The third thing that we can do is a DNA PCR test again we take a the swab send it down to the lab and they can do a PCR test usually in a few hours to figure out if yeast is there or not it’s not as good really the best thing is looking under the microscope but if that’s all your office has and they don’t have a microscope.

That can be a good backup test the bottom line self-diagnosis isn’t great I’m coming in and getting a real diagnosis so we know we’re fighting and using the right tools is really important okay let’s just jump to treatment because maybe you’re here and you’re like itching and you’ve got the discharge and you know you have a yeast infection.


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