Cyst pimples on private parts female home remedies

First thing you should know that Cyst pimples on private parts it could be an infected hair follicle folliculitis you get like a little hair bump an infected hair follicle no biggie.

But that could be your lump or bump or think about many people these days are kind of bald down there right whether they are using razors or waxing and sometimes those procedures can cause irritation of itself sometimes there can be skin irritation from waxing there can be razor burns and razor irritation from using razors,

How this happens:

Other thing is sometimes we can get boils those are painful sort of sometimes pus filled sacs they can be big they can be painful but again it’s something we can totally deal with I mentioned ingrown hairs well actually I mentioned infected hair follicles but you can also have ingrown hairs.

Now there are other things that your lump or bump could be let’s just go down the list right you could have a cysts this is men and women vaginal cysts as well as penile cysts these are fluid-filled sex. There could be a lot of different types of things or different types of cysts.

I’m going to talk about sort of the the one that a lot of people worry about which is STDs but let’s keep going because not everything is an STD that happens down there um you can actually get eczema in your private regions yeah okay on the privates and sometimes that’s all.

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Symptoms of having a pimple:

It is you can actually also get moles down there um and along those lines you can also get skin cancer so if you see something funny even moles you got to make sure you get them checked out make sure everything’s okay all right super important.

There’s also other benign lesions men can get something called pearly penile papules these are harmless growths now you may not know what they are so you still want to get them checked out but just understand not everything down there is necessarily an STD or necessarily problematic

Now let’s move on to the STDs, yes there are some STDs that can cause lumps and bumps down there that’s why we have our mirror let’s talk about those what do we got genital warts right warped like structures.

Warts in the genitals for men and women that could happen all right you want to get that checked out a genital herpes general herpes is basically like you get painful blisters oh it can hurt.

Can STD causes pimples and its remedies:

My patients that have it it can be very painful um but also syphilis syphilis sometimes presents with a painless ulcer in the genitals and then there’s also something called molluscum contagiosum you get painless bumps there as well.

First thing you do is take a look down there and then I’ll also make an appointment with your doctor so we can check you out and let you know what’s going on and help you out as well guys let me know um if you’ve ever had a lump or bump down there.

If you’d like to share it’s totally okay because I think we all have at some point because there’s lots of things that can happen all over our body right nothing to be embarrassed about.


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