Discharge during pregnancy

Today we’re talking about a bit of a sensitive topic we’re talking about pregnancy discharge.

So the medical term for vaginal discharge is leukeria and in pregnancy it’s very common especially to have an increase in volume it’s one of the most common complaints of pregnancy.

It can be uncomfortable it can feel embarrassing however i really want to normalize this this is very normal and it serves a really helpful purpose in our pregnancy from protecting from infection for our baby for our cervix you can think of it as an extra shower or self-cleaning mechanism for our vagina.

Is it normal to have vaginal discharge:

In most cases there is nothing to be concerned about and it’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about I’ve got a demo for you today of what is normal and what is abnormal as well as some tips and tricks on how to make it a little bit more comfortable in your pregnancy.

Of course this is general information only if you’re concerned please act your own health care provider the vagina is a mucous membrane similar to the mouth and so there will be liquid secretions the pregnancy hormones progesterone and estrogen that increase in pregnancy also put an increased blood flow to the uterus and to the pelvic area.

This is going to increase the secretions also part of the cervix that is usually on the inside can get pushed down a little bit to the outside increasing the volume again normal color is clear or white it can be normal to have a slight tinge of yellow but if it is yellow and you are at risk of stis you definitely want to check that out with your doctor.

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Can you stop this ?

It can also be normal to have a slight tinge of pink especially in the beginning it could be some implantation bleeding or towards the end as your body is getting ready for labor it may also be a little bit brown towards the end but again if you’re concerned or you have or overt bleeding you want to check that out with your physician.

It may be a little bit creamy or sticky towards the end it can get thicker and stickier as you get ready for birth and you may also lose your mucus plug at the end not during pregnancy between one and four milliliters is normal.

In pregnancy would be likely from a yeast infection or it could be from amniotic fluid leaking so a yeast infection you’re likely to get the cottage cheese like discharge it may also be itchy and irritated and sore around the vulva and if you do have this go see your healthcare professional.

It’s really easy to fix during pregnancy and then for amniotic fluid this could be leaking from inside this could be a risk for preterm labor if it’s clear liquid or thin like urine then you would also want to go get this checked out immediately as well I’m not going to go into it a lot.

Thinks also to keep in mind:

If you are at increased risk of a sexually transmitted infection and you have discharge that is either yellow green or gray then definitely go see your health care provider and get it checked out some tips and tricks to make it a little bit more comfortable and manageable.

Shower rather than bath keep your vulva clean and dry use organic and breathable cotton underwear or try organic unscented cotton panty liners or leak-proof underwear, avoid tight pants or underwear avoid douching vaginal wipes or deodorants.

Avoid scented personal care products wipe from front to back when using the toilet wash your hands before touching your vagina and clean before and after intercourse.

Avoid tampons and use sweet almond oil for perineal massage try a good quality probiotic reduce sugars sweetened beverages and refined carbohydrates change out of wet clothes and keep your blood sugars well controlled i hope this relieved any concerns.


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