Can you have sex on your period

A woman feels very corny and easily excitable during this time around the periods this is because the limit of hormones or the desired hormones start peaking from the second day of your periods onwards and around this time the woman feels strong desire to have sex.

Advantages of sex during periods:

Apart from this there are many other benefits one sex is easier during this time smoother natural lubrication three uh happy hormones can also relieve menstrual migraines or menstrual headaches which is common

In women four pregnancy chances sex during periods do not completely negate or completely take away your risk of getting pregnant you can have an early ovulation.

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let’s say around eleventh day and if you have sex on the sixth and seventh day the sperms in you the sperms from your partner can live in your trap for about 72 hours or sometimes even more so if you have sex in the seventh day and you ovulate around the 11th day you can still get pregnant especially after period.

Disadvantage of sex during period:

Psychological shorthand just say 21 to 20 day 22 days the cycle so period sex during periods without protection can lead to an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections not only to prevent a pregnancy but also to protect you from a sexually transmitted infection.

If you are not too sure of your partner there is also a small risk of menstrual blood back flow during the if you have sex during periods and this can lead to endometriosis research so if you don’t mind the mess and the bloody affair you can go ahead and have an enjoyable your desire or satisfy your desire having an enjoyable sex even during your periods.


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