Best folic acid for pregnancy

When I answer this question whatever vitamin you will consistently take that is the best one because we know that not everybody’s really compliant with vitamins they can cause constipation or nausea.

Why it is important to have in a prenatal vitamin. I actually get asked this question all the time because I recommend every patient who is trying to get pregnant is on a prenatal and everybody says well which one is the best.

So if there is one that you like the taste of it the packaging it’s easier to take that is going to be a good one then you want to look at what is inside this channel exists to provide you facts about your body your health your fertility and I would love it

The truth is vitamin supplements are not FDA regulated so that’s very interesting and they can really put in them whatever they want and make different claims so I do think it is important to know what ingredients you’re actually looking for.

Best folic acid for your diet:

So the first one is going to be folic acid and I will tell you that even in residency when I worked at a very low income hospital we took care of a lot of people who didn’t have resources we prescribed and recommended just folic acid alone.

It is really inexpensive and very easy to take with few side effects and it is probably the single most important nutrient in all of the prenatal vitamins the recommendation is to take.

A prenatal vitamin that has at least 400 micrograms of folic acid now folic acid has to be metabolized in the body to an active form of folate which can also be found in different types of food like leafy greens are a really well known source in addition to a lot of your fortified foods like your breads pastas and cereals.

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Folic acid for pregnancy:

What we do know is that if you don’t eat many greens and vegetables and you are gluten free perhaps you might not be exposed to a lot of folate that is into foods and this is where taking a supplement is very important 400 micrograms of folic acid has been proven to prevent a certain type of birth defect called a neural tube defect

Body can also cause different brain defects including anencephaly or lack of an entire brain very serious birth defects so full folic acid 400 micrograms of supplementation a day has been proven to prevent this and that is why folic acid is so important.

Folic acid is also just really important in cell division and Metabolism so it’s important for growth of a baby and growth of a placenta so ultimately it’s just a nutrient that you need so there’s been some discussion about methylfolate.

This leads to a lot of confusion methylfolate is a downstream metabolite of folic acid there’s concern that some people may have trouble processing folic acid and that methylfolate may be beneficial.

Vitamins you can take:

So let’s dive into just basic gummy vitamins versus pills that you have to swallow or even things that you have to add into your drink because there are a lot of new prenatals out there.

The real answer is there’s not one form of vitamin that is better than other forms and so that is good news you can do whatever you want it is important to know that gummy prenatals do not have iron.

Iron is really important because your blood volume is expanding in pregnancy but it also can constipate you. A lot of times if you just start taking a brand new prenatal and you might get constipated.

So if that’s the case or you get constipated easily a stool softener like Colace which is over the counter in addition to having a diet full of lots of fiber and drinking a lot of water can really help put constipation aside.


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