Best time to get pregnant after period .

That will usually happen in  the genital tract of the female. So what will happen every lady will have cycle of 28 to 30 days. So when we have a cycle of 28 to 30 days.

We should know when the egg will get released, because when the egg is there only pregnancy can   happen. That is the reason people ask when is  the best day to conceive.

So many times they come and ask me when is the best time to conceive. What I would like to tell you is conception will happen when the ovaries from the females will meet the sperms from the males.

Best time to get pregnant after periods:

When you do the Intercourse that time maximum chances of having conception because the time the system will have there and the sperm can come and meet there.

Biologically what we have studied is usually the eggs gets released  about 12 to 14 days before your next menstrual period. So from your next menstrual period date you have to come backwards to 12 to 14 days and that is a time when the eggs will get released. 

You have your intercourse routinely because when you always calculate your date of maximum fertility and have your intercourse then what happens is  if you become a stress for both the male and the female.

One more thing what you have to know  is what I tell for my patients is always don’t be doing your intercourse in the interest of giving  pregnancy. It should be for your happiness.

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Things not to do:

What I would like to tell you is don’t always have calculated  intercourse have more frequent intercourse and   naturally or fertility will improve. And one more thing is I have seen one Hindi film also the hero is so much stressed out from you because of the  heroine and then now is the date you have to   have and he’ll be so much stressed out there. 

Because of the stress it can have some  side effects for the partners also. So when you are having intercourse frequently naturally it will happen in such a way that the Intercourse happens in a time when the egg is released. So naturally pregnancies can happen.

So you must always have intimate relationships with the chances of fertility will increase and always   don’t calculate. This is the time my egg is going  to release and I’ll have my intercourse. So try to have more frequently so that your fertility will improved and you will have your pregnancy.

Nowadays both men and women they are working ladies so when both are working you not have time to have proper physical relationship also.


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